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Kate 是一個具有非常多功能的文字編輯器

Kate is packed with features that will make it easier for you to view and edit all your text files. Kate lets you to edit and view many files at the same time, both in tabs and split views, and comes with a wide variety of plugins, including an embedded terminal that lets you launch console commands directly from Kate, powerful search and replace plugins, and a preview plugin that can show you what your MD, HTML and even SVG will look like.



Kate supports highlighting for over 300 languages making it easier to read code in almost all programming languages. Kate also understands how brackets works and will help you navigate inside complex code blocks hierarchies. On-the-fly spellchecking is also included and will help you check your text before publishing. 包含語法突顯的 Kate 螢幕截圖

Kate 語法選擇器的螢幕截圖


利用多游標與多重選取功能來加強您的效率。Kate 現在支援這個功能了!原先使用其他專有編輯器而希望使用您習慣的快捷鍵?您可以在 Kate 當中調整所有快捷鍵,這樣您甚至不需要重新訓練自己

Kate 多游標功能的動畫


用分割檢視來同時處理多個檔案。使用專案側邊欄來瀏覽您的專案目錄結果,並用 Kate 的智慧分頁來快速存取您最近使用的文件。功能強大的搜尋與取得工具讓您快速在您整個專案中進行搜尋。

Kate 搜尋與取代工具的螢幕截圖
Kate 專案側邊欄的螢幕截圖

用 Kate 來開發您的下一個應用程式

Kate is the perfect tool for programming as it includes autocompletion for many languages with the help of the Language Server Protocol (LSP). The editor has been optimized for editing code and provide scriptable auto indentation, VI input mode, rectangular block selection mode, smart comment and uncomment handling and much more.

Kate 搜尋與取代工具的螢幕截圖


Kate 包含許多預設安裝的外掛程式,讓它比其他文字編輯器都還要強大。用內嵌終端機來直接從 Kate 裡面執行命令;用 SQL 擴充元件來執行 SQL 查詢;用 GDB 來除錯您的程式;單點編譯專案;還有其他更多外掛程式。

Kate 當中的 Konsole


Tuesday, 12 December 2023

Kate KF6 Status

Current state of the port Thanks to the help of our contributors the current state of Kate for the upcoming first Qt & KF 6 release looks very promising. This includes not just people working on Kate and KTextEditor/KSyntaxHighlighing, but all of KDE Frameworks and Qt. I now use the KF 6 based version both at work and home exclusively after we switched the master branch over to that. So far, beside the natural issues that can occur using a branch under active development, nothing really did stick out as a blocking issue. Read More
Sunday, 30 April 2023

KDE e.V. Microsoft Store Statistics

Let's take a look at the current state of the KDE e.V. published applications in the Microsoft Store. Last 30 days statistics Here are the number of acquisitions for the last 30 days (roughly equal to the number of installations, not mere downloads) for our applications: KDE Connect - Enabling communication between all your devices - 11,640 acquisitions Okular - More than a reader - 9,100 acquisitions Kate - Advanced Text Editor - 3,000 acquisitions Read More
Wednesday, 15 February 2023

Introducing The Embedded Terminal on Windows

Kate has been supported on Windows for a long time however, we missed one crucial feature on Windows that made it not as good as Kate on Linux. That feature was the built-in terminal. If you are a developer you might have to use the terminal a lot and having a built-in terminal inside your editor can be really helpful and convenient. With 23.04, we have filled this gap. After a hectic weekend of 20+ hours of hacking on a borrowed windows machine and sacrificing a lot of other things, Kate now has a built-in terminal on Windows as well. Read More
Wednesday, 1 February 2023

Using Kate's Git Features

Git support in Kate landed almost 2 years ago but so far it is undocumented. I am writing this article in order to fill this gap and hopefully make more people aware of the git related features that Kate has. To be able to use git functionality you need to enable at least two plugins Project plugin (commit / status / branch compare / stashing / file history) Documents Plugin (file history) Git blame (git blame support) Once the project plugin is enabled and you are in a git repository, you will have the git toolview in your left sidebar: Read More
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