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支援 Linux、Windows 與 macOS



Kate 是一個具有非常多功能的文字編輯器

Kate 內含大量功能,幫助您檢視或編輯您的所有文字檔案。Kate 讓您利用分頁與分割檢視來同時編輯或檢視許多檔案,並且提供各式各樣的外掛程式,例如內嵌終端機讓您直接從 Kate 當中執行終端機命令、強大的搜尋與取代外掛程式、以及預覽 Markdown、HTML 或甚至 SVG 的預覽外掛程式等等。



Kate 支援超過 300 個語言的語法突顯,讓您能夠更輕易的閱讀幾乎所有程式語言的程式碼。Kate 也瞭解括號運作,並且會幫助您瀏覽複雜的程式區塊階層。Kate 也包含即時拼字檢查,幫助您在發佈前檢查您的文本。 包含語法突顯的 Kate 螢幕截圖

Kate 語法選擇器的螢幕截圖


利用多游標與多重選取功能來加強您的效率。Kate 現在支援這個功能了!原先使用其他專有編輯器而希望使用您習慣的快捷鍵?您可以在 Kate 當中調整所有快捷鍵,這樣您甚至不需要重新訓練自己

Kate 多游標功能的動畫


用分割檢視來同時處理多個檔案。使用專案側邊欄來瀏覽您的專案目錄結果,並用 Kate 的智慧分頁來快速存取您最近使用的文件。功能強大的搜尋與取得工具讓您快速在您整個專案中進行搜尋。

Kate 搜尋與取代工具的螢幕截圖
Kate 專案側邊欄的螢幕截圖

用 Kate 來開發您的下一個應用程式

Kate 非常適合用來寫程式,因為它透過支援語言伺服器協定 (Language Server Protocol LSP) 提供了許多程式語言的自動補完。編輯器為編輯程式碼進行設計過,提供可用程式控制的自動縮排、VI 輸入模式、矩形區塊選取模式、智慧註解/取消註解處理等等眾多功能。

Kate 搜尋與取代工具的螢幕截圖


Kate 包含許多預設安裝的外掛程式,讓它比其他文字編輯器都還要強大。用內嵌終端機來直接從 Kate 裡面執行命令;用 SQL 擴充元件來執行 SQL 查詢;用 GDB 來除錯您的程式;單點編譯專案;還有其他更多外掛程式。

Kate 當中的 Konsole


Monday, 13 May 2024

Introducing the Formatting plugin

So this is not quite an introduction since the plugin has been around for almost a year now, having been released in the 23.04 release but since I never got around to writing a blog about it, here I am. In simple words, the formatting plugin allows one to format code easily and quickly. Well the "quickness" depends on the underlying code formatter but we try to be as quick as possible. Read More
Tuesday, 12 December 2023

Kate KF6 Status

Current state of the port Thanks to the help of our contributors the current state of Kate for the upcoming first Qt & KF 6 release looks very promising. This includes not just people working on Kate and KTextEditor/KSyntaxHighlighing, but all of KDE Frameworks and Qt. I now use the KF 6 based version both at work and home exclusively after we switched the master branch over to that. So far, beside the natural issues that can occur using a branch under active development, nothing really did stick out as a blocking issue. Read More
Sunday, 30 April 2023

KDE e.V. Microsoft Store Statistics

Let's take a look at the current state of the KDE e.V. published applications in the Microsoft Store. Last 30 days statistics Here are the number of acquisitions for the last 30 days (roughly equal to the number of installations, not mere downloads) for our applications: KDE Connect - Enabling communication between all your devices - 11,640 acquisitions Okular - More than a reader - 9,100 acquisitions Kate - Advanced Text Editor - 3,000 acquisitions Read More
Wednesday, 15 February 2023

Introducing The Embedded Terminal on Windows

Kate has been supported on Windows for a long time however, we missed one crucial feature on Windows that made it not as good as Kate on Linux. That feature was the built-in terminal. If you are a developer you might have to use the terminal a lot and having a built-in terminal inside your editor can be really helpful and convenient. With 23.04, we have filled this gap. After a hectic weekend of 20+ hours of hacking on a borrowed windows machine and sacrificing a lot of other things, Kate now has a built-in terminal on Windows as well. Read More
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