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Linux、Windows 和 macOS 上可用



Kate 是一个具有众多功能的文本编辑器

Kate 的功能非常丰富,可以让你更轻松地查看和编辑所有的文本文件。Kate 可以让你同时编辑和查看多个文件,既可以在标签页中查看,也可以在分割视图中查看,并且还附带了多种插件,包括一个嵌入式终端,可以让你直接从 Kate 中启动控制台命令,强大的搜索和替换插件,以及一个预览插件,可以让你看到你的 MD、HTML 甚至 SVG 的样子。


使用 语法高亮 让你的代码变漂亮

Kate 支持超过 300 种语言的高亮显示,使你更容易阅读几乎所有编程语言的代码。Kate 还了解括号的工作原理,并将帮助你在复杂的代码块层次结构中导航。此外,Kate 还包含了即时拼写检查功能,可以帮助你在发布前检查你的文本。 带语法高亮的 Kate 截图

Kate 语法选择器的截图


通过分割视图同时处理多个文件。使用项目侧边栏来导航您的项目目录结构,并使用 Kate 的智能标签来快速访问您最近打开的文件。强大的搜索和替换工具可以让你在整个项目内部快速搜索。

Kate 搜索和替换工具的截图
Kate 工程侧边栏的截图

用 Kate 开发你的下一个应用程序

Kate是一款完美的编程工具,因为它在 语言服务器协议 (LSP) 的帮助下包含了多种语言的自动完成。该编辑器已被优化为编辑代码,并提供可编程的自动缩进、Vi 输入模式、矩形块选择模式、智能注释和取消注释处理等等。

Kate 搜索和替换工具的截图


Kate 包含许多默认安装的插件,使其比其他文本编辑器更强大。使用集成的终端模拟器直接从 Kate 中运行命令,使用 SQL 扩展执行 SQL 查询,使用 GDB 调试你的程序,只需点击一下就可以建立项目,还有很多很多。

Kate 内置的 Konsole


Sunday, 9 May 2021

Kate 21.04 in the Windows Store

KDE Gear 21.04 including Kate out in the wild! KDE Gear 21.04 was released some weeks ago. If you use some distribution like e.g. the rolling release Arch Linux (or Arch derivates like Manjaro), you might already have updated to Kate from that release. As show in the 21.04 pre-release post, Kate 21.04 really has some nifty new features and improvements on all fronts over 20.12. Window Store Update => Done! Read More
Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Let's welcome Kate the Cyber Woodpecker

A lot of good things happen at the moment in Kate’s development. We didn’t only implement plenty of new features for 21.04 and fix a lot of bugs in the last months and year, we did improve our overall product branding, too. Early in 2020, we introduced a new Kate icon designed by Tyson Tan to get some icon that is instantly recognizable compared to the generic ones we used in the past. Read More
Thursday, 1 April 2021

Git Blame Plugin for Kate 21.04 Take 2

Nifty new feature in Kate for KDE Gear 21.04 So OK the previous blog was a bit exaggerated. There is no AI in the works (right now at least) :) But with KDE Gear 21.04 there will actually be be a Git Blame plugin. So what does it do for real? Ever wonder why a code line is as it is? Git helps with that. There is the git blame command that provides information about when and who committed a line in a file. Read More
Thursday, 1 April 2021

Git Blame Plugin for Kate 21.04

Nifty new feature in Kate for KDE Gear 21.04 With KDE Gear 21.04 there will be a new plugin available for Kate: Git Blame. So what does it do? Every body knows it is a lot of work to go through bug reports and fix the bugs. As we all know lazy developers (that is the good type) do not want to do tedious work and try to automate boring tasks. Read More
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