A rich python console and more in Kate editor

Friday, 31 May 2013 | Pablo Martin | Tags:  django  planet  python
I have done some improvements in the plugins: python_console_ipython, python_autocomplete, python_utils, js_utils, xml_pretty and django_utils. These plugins I added a month and a half ago (except python_console_ipython) to the kate repository. I have done two improvements and a new feature: Now they work with Python2 and Python3 (except python_autocomplete, this only works with Python2, due pysmell dependence) Now they have a configuration page (except python_autocomplete, this should not have configuration parameters) Page Config Plugins The new feature is the integration of the python_autocomplete and python_console_ipython plugins with the project plugin. Read More

New plugins to the Kate, utils to: Python, JavaScript, Django and XML

Monday, 18 February 2013 | Pablo Martin | Tags:  django  planet  python
The project plugin in kate.git master now has four new more plugins, with many features in each one: Python (autocomplete, smart snippets, parse checker, pep8 checker and pyflakes checker), Javascript (autocompletes, jquery snippet, pretty JSON, and jslint checker), Django (smart snippets and utils to Django template) and XML (pretty xml). There are also many generic functions and generic classes in these that will be useful to the new plugins developers. Read More