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MIT licensed KSyntaxHighlighting usage Support KDE via AmazonSmile Who is Hiring? Kate projects and out-of-source builds Kate gains Support for Inline Notes Akademy 2018 Wrap-Up Akademy & Binary Factory Porting KTextEditor to KSyntaxHighlighting => Done :=) Downloading Kate Highlighting Files Improving Syntax Highlighting Files Article about cmake Rendering issues and the power of open source Fancy Terminal Prompt Tracking KDE Development Syntax Highlighting Checker KTextEditor depends on KSyntaxHighlighting FirstAid – PDF Help Viewer KSyntaxHighlighting – A new Syntax Highlighting Framework Embedded Notifications for Externally Modified Files Kate & Akademy Awards 2016 Akademy 2016 Bug Triaging Guest Blog: The wandering bug triager was here KTextEditor gets Scrollbar and Code Folding Preview (Updated) Bug fixed after 13 years KDE Software for Windows & Chocolatey New Kate/KWrite Bundles for Mac Kate & Co. on Tour Kate’s TabBar gets Movable Tabs New Mac OS X Build Documentation MiniMap Fine-Tuning Updated bundles, now release builds and less frameworks New “Get It” page & “Build It” split out Working on Kate in Randa Kate/KWrite Application Bundle Update First Day in Randa Randa Meeting 2016 – Tomorrow on Tour ;=) Kate 16.04 on Windows (64bit) Making Windows Phones work in Dolphin Kate/KWrite on Mac – More Icons & More Plugins Alpha Kate & KWrite Application Bundles KWrite on Mac – Application Bundle Kate on Mac, HiDPI KWrite on Mac Kate/KDevelop Sprint 2015 – Summary for Kate Kate/KDevelop 2015 Qt World Summit + Kate/KDevelop Sprint in Berlin Again about Relicensing KDE’s Source Code Plasma 5: Keeping an Eye on the Disk Quota Akademy 2015 & Kate Licensing of KDE Code KDE Applications Versioning Reception of Plasma Mobile KF5 & Plasma 5 at work ;=) Kate from KDE Applications 15.04 – KF 5.9 Add yourself to the relicense checker script What holds you on KDE Kate5 on Mac Qt 5.4 on Red Hat Enterprise 5 KDE at its very best! Kate5 on Windows Support Kate and KDE by Donating Money Kate’s Mascot: Kate the Woodpecker Auto-loading Projects in the Projects Plugin (Kate 5) Kate needs you! Kate and KTextEditor 5 after Akademy 2014 Akademy 2014 – Soon ;=) Kate “master” branch now KF5 based! Help to make KF5 awesome! Linux Voice – Kate wins the advanced text editors group test Kate: What’s cool, and what should be improved? Kate Part (KF5): New Default Styles for better Color Schemes Jump to Next/Prev Modified Line Lumen – A Code-Completion Plugin for the D Programming Language Kate/KDevelop/Skanlite Sprint Wrap-Up Kate/KDevelop Sprint – Finishing Line Kate/KDevelop Sprint – Status Bar Take 2 Kate/KDevelop Sprint – Improved Status Bar Kate/KDevelop Sprint – First Weekend Interfacing Lua With Templates in C++11 KTextEditor on Frameworks 5: Timing is everything Kate in 4.12 Kate Licensing Multiple Windows & Kate on KF5 Kate on KDE Frameworks 5 Current State of Kate on 5 Kate: “C++/boost Style” Indenter KatePart/KWrite arrives in the KDE Frameworks 5 world KDE Frameworks 5 & Kate, let the fun begin :) Kate on 5: The Future of KTextEditor and Kate Part Kate XML Completion: Converting DTD to MetaDTD Video Tutorials Learning C++ (in German) Multiple Keyboard Layouts and Shortcuts Multi-Line Text Editing in Kate Kate in 4.11 Kate Vim Progress Intel Threading Building Blocks Scalable Allocator & Valgrind Ramblings about compilers… QUndoStack versus Kate’s Undo System Akademy 2013 How to convert pdf to svg A rich python console and more in Kate editor Google Summer of Code 2013 Kate D-Bus Interfaces, used at all? Kate: Search & Replace Notifications in KDE 4.11 New Text Folding in kate.git master Text Folding Reloaded Kate: New contributors, Valgrind, and a fixed bug Navigation in Okular: Back & Forward Idea: Code Completion for JavaScript Kate Git Statistics Git Tools New plugins to the Kate, utils to: Python, JavaScript, Django and XML Highlight Text Selection Plugin Kate Project Plugin News – Code Analysis Kate in KDE 4.10 Bug Hunting – Please help poor Kate ;) Default Color Schemas Kate Scripting Updates & Zen-like Quick Coding Passive Notifications in Kate Part Loading Remote Files Kate needs BiDi/Unicode aware developers ;) Using the Projects Plugin in Kate Contribute to Kate Show Line while Scrolling Remove Trailing Spaces How to remove a file with Kate Data Recovery in 4.10 Kate/KDevelop Sprint – Update Kate/KDevelop Sprint in Vienna Project Plugin, Current State Mercurial Support in Project Plugin Project Management, Take Three Project Management, Take Two Project Management Help Frameworks ;) Bug Charts on bko RFC: Data Recovery And it is on… Contributors, join and help the KDE e.V. Kate in KDE 4.9 Akademy 2012 – See you in Tallinn ;) RFC: Exporting JavaScript API Crash through D-Bus calls On Removing an Element from a List Append Newline at End of File Some Kate Color Schemas Yet another update for the Colors tab Color Settings Scripting in Kate Highlighting Search & Replace Matches Kate in KDE 4.8 Evolution of Kate Development (Take 2) Evolution of Kate Development online ;) Plasma Active One great man less :( About Kate Redesigned Qt open governance will go live! Code Folding Updates Line Modification System Coding Style and API Design GSoC’s ending Kate Banner Wanted Updates The (GSoC) season is ending… Kate needs a Face, Artists wanted Kate in Berlin Good Morning Kate – New Day, New Design 200 Bugs only ;) Added “gq” (format text) command for the Vi Input Mode Bug Fight! Kate Turning 10 Years Old Plasma Active, the stage is yours Maintainer Needed: Kate – External Tools Plugin Code Folding Updates Kate Vi Input Mode – GSoC 2011 You, KDE! Kate Modeline Editor KDE 4.6.5 > StarCraft 2 Kate in KDE 4.7 Kate plugin updates part 3 Bug Squashing Going to the Desktop Summit 2011 in Berlin :) Kate plugin updates part 2 Kate plugin updates part 1 Getting Involved Kate’s Folding Code and Vi Mode to be improved by GSoC students Kate Behavior at Exit Kate’s Tab Bar Plugins KDE Everywhere? Qt Everywhere? KDE and Git, Current Changes Kate progress, Git and happy new year ;) Kate in KDE 4.6 Kate on Kate git repository moving to soon! Highlight Selected Text PHP treeview improvements in Kate Recent Files Menu in Kate File Tree plugin and Kate in KDE SC 4.6 Introducing Kate GDB Plugin Kate Tree View Plugin Update Tree View plugin introduction Encoding Detection Revised Kate – GSoC Summary Kate Night-Make Kate History ;) moved moving SmartRanges goodbye Featured Articles KDE 4.5 is approaching, thanks to all Kate contributors KateSQL, a new plugin for Kate GSoC – View differences for Kate’s swap files The Mission of KDE’s Wikis Join Kate Development! MovingRanges moving on ;) The Holy Church of Kate! KDE 4.5: SmartRange => MovingRange GSoC – Swap Files for Kate Akademy 2010 – Best experience so far shaping up New launched