# Java Properties Sample File

# This is a commment
! This is also a comment
     # comment
     ! comment

# keys and values can be separated by '=', ':' or by a series of spaces:

key = value
key : value
key value

# spaces, '=', or ':' can be used in the key by escaping them with a backslash:

key\:continued = value
key\=continued = value
key\ continued = value

# the key starts with the first non blank character on the line:

    key = value
# there can be an arbitrary amount of spaces between the key, the value, and the ':' or '=', if present:

key     =      value

key     :      value

key value
key                  value

# values can be continued on another line by escaping the line end character with a backslash:

key = value \
  value continued
# This works also over more than one line:

key = value\
  value continued 1\
  value continued 2\
  value continued 3
# But if the line ends with an even number of backslashes, the value is not continued:

key = value\\
newkey = value

key = value\\\\
newkey = value

# both key and value can be ommitted, in which case either the key or the value or both equal the empty string:

key =
= value