* initialization
n       equ   20
start   equ   $40
wddr    equ   $0
cddr    equ   $0
input   equ   $ffe0
output  equ   $ffe1
        org   p:start
        move  #wddr,r0  ;r0 ¬ samples
        move  #cddr,r4  ;r1 ¬ coefficients
        move  #n-1,m0   ;set modulo arithmetic
        move  m0,m4     ;for the 2 circular buffers
        opt   cc
;       filter loop :8+(n-1) cycles

        movep y:input,x: (r0)              ;input sample in memory
        clr   a                x:(r0)+,x0  y: (r4)+,y0
        rep   #n-1
        mac   x0,y0,a          x:(r0)+,x0  y:(r4)+,y0
        macr  x0,x0,a          (r0)-

        movep a,y:output                   ;output filtered sample

fftr2a macro points,data,coef
fftr2a: ident 1,1

        move #points/2,n0  ;initialize butterflies per group
        move #1,n2         ;initialize groups per pass
        move #points/4,n6  ;initialize C pointer offset
        move #-1,m0        ;initialize A and B address modifiers
        move m0,m1         ;for linear addressing
        move m0,m4
        move m0,m5
        move #0,m6         ;initialize C address modifier for
                           ;reverse carry (bit-reversed) addressing

        do   #@cvi (@log(points)/@log(2)+0.5),_end_pass
        move #data,r0       ;initialize A input pointer
        move r0,r4          ;initialize A output pointer

        move a,x:(r5)+n5 y:(r1)+n1,y1

        rnd a
        movep #0,x:$fffe
        dc @sin(@cvf(count)*freq)
        move #twiddle,r2

        MOVE L:<$1,A
        SUB X,A L:<$3,B