pick 318aceb Add test for Makefile highlighting
p 4c7182a Add first batch of test files resurrected from Kate 4.6
r 6f7d8a7 Sync xml files with KTextEditor
reword 8f0dbdc Add another batch of resurrected tests from Kate 4.6
e 828de45 Add some more resurrected tests from Kate 4.6
edit 6aa6264 Add simple coverage information for syntax definition tests
s 63df253 Add more syntax highlighting tests from Kate 4.6
squash 3e7771f Add three more tests recovered from Kate 4.6
f 5c7fd91 Add Kate 4.6 ASP syntax test
fixup 7a777ff Implement case-sensitive overrides for keyword rules
exec 2b16665 Implement dynamic DetectChar rules
drop dd808dc Quote captured strings we replace in regular expressions
x 0b703a3 Add a few more tests from the Kate 4.6 test suite

# Rebase a27a854..0b703a3 onto a27a854 (13 command(s))
# Commands:
# p, pick = use commit
# r, reword = use commit, but edit the commit message
# e, edit = use commit, but stop for amending
# s, squash = use commit, but meld into previous commit
# f, fixup = like "squash", but discard this commit's log message
# x, exec = run command (the rest of the line) using shell
# d, drop = remove commit
# These lines can be re-ordered; they are executed from top to bottom.
# If you remove a line here THAT COMMIT WILL BE LOST.
# However, if you remove everything, the rebase will be aborted.
# Note that empty commits are commented out