Writing a Syntax Highlighting File

Thursday, 24 March 2005 | Christoph Cullmann
Note: Please refer to the Kate Handbook for the most recent version of how to write syntax highlighting files. Hint: If you want to write a syntax highlighting file, the XML Completion plugin might be of great help. This section is an overview of the Highlight Definition XML format in KDE4. Based on a small example it will describe the main components and their meaning and usage. The next section will go into detail with the highlight detection rules. Read More

Writing a Kate Plugin

Tuesday, 6 January 2004 | Christoph Cullmann
Introduction First at all, why writing plugins for an editor ? Good question, and I hope I have a good answer: Because we want Kate to be small and all extended features not all users need should go into plugins (like CVS suppport, project managment, coffee cooking ;) Therefore Kate provides a quite full-featured plugin interface and interfaces to all important stuff in the Kate application (the documents, views, windows, sidebar …). Read More