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Kate & KWrite on Qt 6

Friday, 25 March 2022 | Christoph Cullmann

Given the great work others did already on the Qt 6 porting of KDE Frameworks, let’s take a look at Kate & KWrite on Qt 6.

With only minor patches, both applications now run on the current master state of KDE Frameworks and Qt 6.2.

Close to all functionality is available, I think the only stripped out part is the hot new stuff upload for snippets and I didn’t test the Konsole part.

I would not consider this to be already usable, during trying to type this blog with Qt 6 Kate I got random hangups during completion on Wayland. That will need debugging. But for people wanting to improve the Qt 6 experience it is a good enough starting point.

The CI on our GitLab instance will now compile the Qt 6 variant, too, that means we will see compilation regressions.

Kate on Qt 6.2

Screenshot of Kate on Qt 6

KWrite on Qt 6.2

Screenshot of KWrite on Qt 6

Help wanted!

You want to help us with making the Qt 6 version a thing you can actually use?

Show up and contribute.


A matching thread for this can be found here on r/KDE.