Kate is a multi-document editor part of KDE since release 2.2. Being a KDE applications, Kate ships with network transparency, as well as integration with the outstanding features of KDE. Choose it for viewing HTML sources from konqueror, editing configuration files, writing new applications or any other text editing task. You still need just one running instance of Kate. Learn more…

Screenshot of Kate showing multiple documents and the building terminal emulator

Using Heaptrack and Hotspot

Some weeks ago at the Open Source Summit & Embedded Linux Conference there was also a talk by David about using heaptrack and hotspot. Since these tools are extremely valuable, I thought I’d blog to make these tools a bit more visible in the KDE community. Have fun watching & happy debugging, and join the discussion on KDE’s subreddit :-)


Windows Store Submission Guide

To increase the visibility of KDE applications on Windows, the KDE e.V. has a Windows Store account to publish our applications there. This is not the only way to get KDE application for the Windows operating system, you can e.g. directly grab installers or portable ZIP files from our Binary Factory. There is at the moment no nice documentation how to submit some application to the store. Hannah did show me how to do that during the submission of Kate and I did it later for Okular and Filelight. [Read More]

RFC - Git Client Integration

At this year’s KDE conference Akademy we discussed how to evolve Kate over the next years. One of the areas we want to improve is better git integration out of the box. Currently, Kate ships the Projects plugin, which automatically detects and loads your file structure from your git repository. If a project is loaded, then the Search & Replace plugin allows to search&replace in all project files. In addition, the Quick Open feature also supports opening files from the currently active project - all explained here. [Read More]

The Planet is on Reddit

For many years planet.kde.org was the goto page for news around KDE. This is still the case nowadays - many KDE contributors have their blog synchronized to talk about all sorts of KDE related cool stuff. However, what changed significantly is how these blogs are discussed afterwards. In the old days each blog typically had its own comment section. Nowadays, blogs may still have this comment section, but most of the time the blogs are discussed in the respective reddit subgroup. [Read More]

External Tools Plugin is Back

Back in 2011, we decided to remove the External Tools plugin in Kate for the KDE 4.8 release, since it was unmaintained and we got more and more bugs that were not fixed. However, over the years, we got many requests (and complaints) to bring this plugin back to life, since it was very useful to start little helper scripts with just a shortcut, via the command line, or the menu. [Read More]

Kate in the Windows Store

Our Windows Store submission succeeded, we are now officially in the store.

Try out how the Kate text editor performs on Windows for your personal workflow.

If you see issues and want to help out, contributions are welcome on our GitLab instance.

Our Windows team is small, any help is very welcome! Thanks again to all the people that made it possible to use Kate nicely on Windows.

Kate got submitted to the Windows Store

Since a few years Kate is working well on Windows. You can grab fresh installers since then from our download page. But the visibility of it was very low for Windows users. Already last year the plan was made to increase the visibility of KDE applications by getting them into the official Windows Store. Like always, Akademy is a great chance to get the last bits ironed out and the stuff done! [Read More]

Kate Planning

The Opportunity During Akademy 2019 here in Milan, Dominik and me had time to sit together and discuss a bit what we shall do to evolve Kate :) Whereas Kate already works well as a general purpose editor, the competition in the text editor space got more intense in the last years. Beside the well established stuff like GNU Emacs & Vim, new editor projects got started that did set the bar higher on what users expect from a advanced GUI text editor. [Read More]

KSyntaxHighlighting - Over 300 Highlightings...

I worked yesterday again on the Perl script that creates the highlighting update site used by e.g. Qt Creator. I thought it would be perhaps a good idea to create some simple human readable overview with all existing highlighting definitions, too. The result is this auto-generated Syntax Highlightings page. Astonishing enough, at the moment the script counts 307 highlighting definitions. I wasn’t aware that we already crossed the 300 line. [Read More]

Kate - Document Preview Plugin - Maintainer Wanted!

At the moment the Document Preview plugin that e.g. allows to preview Markdown or other documents layout-ed via embedding a matching KPart is no longer maintained. You can find more information about why the plugin got abandoned in this phabricator ticket. If you want to step up and keep that plugin alive and kicking, now is your chance! Even if you don’t want to maintain it, you can help out with taking care of existing bugs for this plugin. [Read More]