Updated bundles, now release builds and less frameworks

Monday, 13 June 2016 | Christoph Cullmann | Tags:  planet
I updated the bundles, now they are release builds of Kate & KWrite and they contain less frameworks. The size is only one half of the last bundles, less than 50 MB per app. Visit “Get It” for the download links or below. Mac Application Bundles Kate 16.07.70 (Update 1) KWrite 16.07.70 (Update 1)

New “Get It” page & “Build It” split out

Monday, 13 June 2016 | Christoph Cullmann | Tags:  planet
As we now have some binaries available for Windows & Mac, I renovated the “Get It” page. You now have there links to the latest versions of our binaries (installer for Windows & application bundle for Mac) beside the link to the distribution packages for Linux/BSD/* as provided by our dear packagers. For building Kate from sources, we now have the building instructions on a separate “Build It” page. We will try to update the binary builds in the next days at Randa. Read More

Working on Kate in Randa

Monday, 13 June 2016 | Dominik Haumann | Tags:  planet  sprint
Right now, around 40 developers are working together on bringing KDE to other platforms in Randa (Switzerland) for an entire week. So far, I just fixed some bugs, e.g.: Kate: Correctly restore view config of all split views (commit, bug, review) Kate: Sort Kate Session Menu alphabetically (commit, bug, review) Kate: Avoid hidden view spaces on start (commit, bug, review) Kate, KDevelop: Tab Switcher Plugin: Make sure the height fits all items (commit, bug) Much more work is going on, especially also with bringing Kate to Mac OS, or making it work better on Windows. Read More

Breeze Dark Color Scheme

Saturday, 28 May 2016 | Dominik Haumann
Just as quick info, with the next KDE Frameworks 5 release, namely KF5 version 5.23, the KTextEditor framework gains a Breeze Dark color scheme. The colors mostly stick to the Breeze color palette, with some minor changes, since KTextEditor needs more colors the the color palette itself ships. To use this color scheme, go to the config dialog and choose “Breeze Dark” in the Fonts & Colors config page. We hope this is useful – mandatory screenshot: Read More

Kate 16.04 on Windows (64bit)

Friday, 29 April 2016 | Dominik Haumann | Tags:  planet
NOTE: Please refer to Get It for up-to-date Windows versions It seems the Kate Alpha Release in January was well received by some users. So we are happy to announce that we are releasing an updated Windows installer for Kate (64bit) today. Essentially, this is the same version that is shipped with the KDE Applications 16.04 release under Linux. Kate-setup-16.04.1-64bit.exe (64bit) installer, compiled on Windows 10 If you have git in your PATH, then the Kate Projects plugin will work as expected. Read More

Kate on Windows

Thursday, 28 January 2016 | Kåre Särs
NOTE: Please refer to Get It for up-to-date Windows versions It took some time but here is now an installer for Kate on Windows. First the proof :) [][2]The installer [][3]An example of what it can look like There are still some things that needs fixing. The current installer is built from git master and not from released packages so the translation stuff hat you usually get with the release packages are missing. Read More

Kate/KWrite on Mac – More Icons & More Plugins

Saturday, 24 October 2015 | Christoph Cullmann | Tags:  planet
After a bit more work, toolbars (and other places ;=) have icons, too. More Kate plugins do work, like the nice project plugin I use the whole day, see: Updated .dmg files can be found at (alpha quality, only tested on Mac OS 10.10): Help to get more stuff working and fix the remaining crashs is highly appreciated. A script how to build that all can be found at: Read More

Alpha Kate & KWrite Application Bundles

Wednesday, 21 October 2015 | Christoph Cullmann | Tags:  planet
Hi, with my latest changes in kate.git, icons work, too, on windows and mac, without any qt patch, if you put some qt resource file containing breeze inside your share or Resources folder (one up from the application binary). mac.txt contains the rcc calls needed to create such a package and all others things you need to run to get .dmg files. (you need Qt 5.5.0 + a recent CMake + XCode with command line stuff enabled) Read More

Kate on Mac, HiDPI

Wednesday, 14 October 2015 | Christoph Cullmann | Tags:  planet

Kate runs ;=)

But as you can see, we have no icons, but that is as no work was invested into it and not even any icons are installed ;=) I will maintain a guide how to build it on mac in the kate.git/mac.txt file. At the moment, this is all not that nice. Kate is able to open files via file dialog and it renders OK, modulo some glitches.

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KWrite on Mac

Monday, 12 October 2015 | Christoph Cullmann | Tags:  planet

After some hacking on frameworks, I have the first running KWrite version on Mac that uses an unpatched Qt from the offline installer:

It is still ugly, as scaled on my HiDPI display as the plist file is missing and it crashs on everything (aka open dialog) and has no icons. But beside that, it works. No magic, just the xcode clang toolchain + stock qt + stock cmake + gettext + KDE Frameworks 5 ;)

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