Kate Vi Input Mode – GSoC 2011

Tuesday, 26 July 2011 | Svyatoslav Kuzmich | Tags:  planet
I want to introduce you my GSoC-2011 project. I was working on improvement the vi input mode for the Kate part. There are a lot of improvements for normal mode. Now it’s able to use jump list by pressing ctrl-i/ctrl-o in normal mode like in vim. And now not only registers but also marks, and jumps stored in the config of the session. H, M and L commands moves cursor to the first(Home), Middle and Last line of the screen. Read More

Going to the Desktop Summit 2011 in Berlin :)

Saturday, 25 June 2011 | Christoph Cullmann | Tags:  planet
Just a quick “me too” post, will be around in Berlin ;) <p> Hope to meet up with a lot of KDE people once more.<br /> For the Kate team, at least me, Dominik and Erlend are around there.</td> <td> <img src="/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/DS2011banner.png" alt="Going to Desktop Summit 2011" /> </td></tr> </table>

Kate progress, Git and happy new year ;)

Wednesday, 29 December 2010 | Christoph Cullmann | Tags:  planet
As Dominik already points out in his blog, Kate has made nice progress for KDE 4.6. Some of the latest fixes, like for some nasty search bug didn’t make it in RC1, btw., I was too lame with Git -> SVN syncs. Anyway, I have now synced and backported to KDE 4.6 branch all pending fixes. For the next KDE SC release 4.7 (here you go, I wrote SC :)), I hope this syncing will no longer be necessary. Read More

Kate on

Tuesday, 16 November 2010 | Christoph Cullmann | Tags:  planet
Goodbye to Gitorious, welcome to You can find the Kate project here. The “Get It!” page on the homepage is updated, too. Push access is still restricted, but that will not last for ever ;) Thanks to the sysadmin team of KDE, thanks guys, for all the work you put into the new infrastructure (and to help me with my faults ;) And thanks to Gitorious, it was a nice time there, and I learned to appreciate Git, like many Kate developers (some appreciated it even before). Read More

Kate git repository moving to soon!

Sunday, 14 November 2010 | Christoph Cullmann | Tags:  planet
We tried to move weeks ago already, but in our current repository some small glitches occured during the SVN => Git transition. I have redone the conversion now and soon we will be on (if I not screw that again, thanks already to sysadmin for all help, now and in past!). Still some small stuff will then need to be ported, which I will do after the initial repository is up there. Read More moved

Saturday, 14 August 2010 | Christoph Cullmann | Tags:  planet
The website is now on a new server, which is a lot faster than the old one and software/hardware is fresh again. Hope the problems we had in the past few weeks are over now. No other real downtimes are planned, perhaps some reboots but nothing more than some minutes ;) Hope I can now finally setup my planned automated unit-tests and build ;) The DNS transfer seems to be faster than thought, still some people might arrive at the old server, where now only a stupid “Maintainance” page is up. Read More moving

Friday, 13 August 2010 | Christoph Cullmann | Tags:  planet
In the last weeks, the homepage was sometimes down, as the server it is on is slowly dying. I just negotiate the transfer to a new one. That one will allow additional stuff to be run, guess we than even have nightly unit test runs (at least I hope so) ;) Therefor it may be, that the site is not reachable, as DNS transfer might always take some days. shaping up

Saturday, 10 July 2010 | Christoph Cullmann | Tags:  planet now contains all articles from the old page still applicable to Kate in KDE 4 and in addition all blog entries of Dominik which are Kate centric. Beside that it will aggregate the blog entries of Milian for Kate ;) Still, a lot of work is needed. We already got an offer for help to beautify the page by a web designer, still content writers are missing. You have a nice short post about how to use Kate best? Read More

New launched

Friday, 9 July 2010 | Christoph Cullmann | Tags:  planet
After some years of no real updates, beside the brave work of Dominik, a new is launched. It will be used to aggregate the blogs of the Kate developers and provide information about current development in Kate/KWrite/KatePart and guides for users. Hope more people join the effort to once again provide a constant stream of up-to-date information.

Kate: Fast backtrace navigation

Tuesday, 12 August 2008 | Dominik Haumann
I’ve added a new plugin to kdesdk/kate/plugin: a backtrace browser. It’s meant for developers and probably of no use for users. What does it do? It shows a backtrace delivered by gdb in a listview in a Kate toolview. Clicking on an item opens the selected file and jumps to the correct line number. It works for backtraces generated on your own machine, but it will also work for backtraces from other people, i. Read More