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Application Features

Screenshot showing Kate window splitting feature and search & replace plugin
  • View and edit multiple documents at the same time, by splitting horizontally and vertically the window
  • Lot of plugins: Embedded terminal, SQL plugin, build plugin, GDB plugin, Replace in Files, and more
  • Multi-document interface (MDI)
  • Session support

General Features

Screenshot showing Kate search and replace feature
  • Encoding support (Unicode and lots of others)
  • Bi-directional text rendering support
  • Line ending support (Windows, Unix, Mac), including auto detection
  • Network transparency (open remote files)
  • Extensible through scripting

Advanced Editor Features

Screenshot of Kate border with line number and bookmark
  • Bookmarking system (also supported: break points etc.)
  • Scroll bar marks
  • Line modification indicators
  • Line numbers
  • Code folding

Syntax Highlighting

Screenshot of Kate syntax highlighting features
  • Highlighting support for over 300 languages
  • Bracket matching
  • Smart on-the-fly spell checking
  • Highlighting of selected words

Multi-select and multi-cursor features

Animation of Kate multi-select and multi-cursor features
  • Create multiple cursors with your mouse or keyboard shortcuts
  • Supports interactive edit, transformations (upper/lower case) and much more

Programming Features

Screenshot of Kate programming features
  • Scriptable auto indentation
  • Smart comment and uncomment handling
  • Auto completion with argument hints
  • Vi input mode
  • Rectangular block selection mode

Search & Replace

Screenshot of Kate incremental search feature
  • Incremental search, also known as “find as you type”
  • Support for multiline search & replace
  • Regular expression support
  • Search & replace in multiple opened files or files on disk

Backup and Restore

Screenshot of Kate recover from crash feature
  • Backups on save
  • Swap files to recover data on system crash
  • Undo / redo system