Rendering issues and the power of open source

After a long time of constant distraction by my daily work, I finally found again a bit time to take care of KTextEditor/Kate/… issues.

One thing that really started to be an itch I wanted to scratch is some rendering fault that occur with ‘special’ font sizes.

Given I wanted to do again a bit work on the macOS port, I was really annoyed that on my screen the only application with text rendering issues was “my” one :/

I assume a lot of people have sometimes seen stuff like that in KTextEditor based applications like Kate or KDevelop:

These small white lines really stick out like a sore thumb :( It looked like some off-by-one rounding issue, surely one should be able to find it…

I tried to track down where in our rendering in KTextEditor we do create these artifacts, but I never found any place that looks like a possible cause.

After a bit more tinkering it became obvious that actually it would be more or less impossible for the KTextEditor code to mess up the painting in such a way, as we normally draw one line more or less as one thing using QTextLayout that handles the painting of the selection background, too.

Using QtCreator as an non-KTextEditor based application that uses the Qt layouting & rendering it was possible to get similar effects on macOS (or X11):

:=) Good thing that Qt is open source. A quick look into the qtextlayout.cpp and a qt5 compile later, I was able to trace the issue down to some qFloor calls for painting the selections.

I hope my patch is correct and will be accepted (QTBUG-66036 / Gerrit 219804)  or at least helps others to do the correct fix.

At least for the syntaxhighlighter example shipped with Qt I was able to reproduce the issue before my patch but not afterwards.

Would Qt not be open-source, I would have been at the end of the line after seeing no “error” in our codebase in KTextEditor.

With Qt as some open-source project, it is a completely different story.

Besides, the Qt documentation for “how to build it” and “how to contribute” on the Qt Wiki are well enough to understand that I was able to nicely compile the stuff from scratch on macOS and provide the Gerrit review request in no time.

4 thoughts on “Rendering issues and the power of open source

  1. > Would Qt not be open-source

    I would not have been able to patch it such that it becomes trivial to build, install and KDE stuff as on any other Unix workstation, and get the most out of the software without losing any Mac features (with the exception of automatically moving the About and Preferences menu items) :)

  2. Hi Christoph

    Great that you started digging into those tiny rendering issues that seem to have their roots in Qt itself. There is a long standing bug that is similar to above which leads to automatic spellchecking to “appear” disabled in all KTextEditor applications on systems using bigger font sizes, e.g. high-dpi systems. See this bug and its related issue that goes back to font rendering and baseline heights. Would it be possible to revisit those issues?

    Currently spellchecking marks are absent on any high-dpi system (rendering the feature unusable) which makes Kate and Kmail lacking an important helper for text writing.

    Thanks for your work on Kate!

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