Kate 17.04.1 available for Windows

Installers for Kate 17.04.1 are now available for download!

This release includes, besides bug-fixing and features, an update to the search in files plugin. The search-while-you-type in the current file should not “destroy” your last search in files results as easily as previously. The search-combo-box-history handling is also improved.

Grab it now at download.kde.org:  Kate-setup-17.04.1-KF5.34-32bit or Kate-setup-17.04.1-KF5.34-64bit

5 thoughts on “Kate 17.04.1 available for Windows

  1. Any word what are mentioned bugfixes or features? A changelog perhaps? What’s availability of Kate 17.04 for Kubuntu 17.04?

  2. In version 17 the snippets plug in no longer works for me.
    It was fine for me with version 16, so I went back to it.

    P.S. KDE on windows is really great, especially now that we also have bash on windows. Is it possible to integrate the WSL terminal in kate’s terminal tool view?

    P.S.2 I really really miss the spell checking!

    1. With the new 17.04.3 installer, spell checking should be working. Please report if not. (The project plugin is still not working there, but with the next installer that will be fixed too)

      PS. The terminal plugin is not just about bash it is the whole terminal handling… Kate is just using KPty and as far as I have checked (looong time since last) that does not work yet.

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