What happened to Kate in Randa?

This years topic for the Randa meeting, was multi-platform end-user application development. That was a golden opportunity to work on the Windows and Mac versions.

One thing that happened was that the icon.rcc file generation is moved to the breeze-icons repository in stead of doing it separately for every application. The icon.rcc file loading was moved to KIconThemes so that all applications linking to it don’t have to invent the wheel again. This would not have been so easy if we hadn’t been at the same place discussing things face to face.

A more noticeable thing is that Kate now does not need a DBus server on Windows and Apple any more. Both Kate and KDevelop now use QtSingleApplication to open all documents in one window.

The search plugin also got a face-lift. Hopefully the new layout will be a bit more useful than the previous :)

A Randa development release of Kate on Windows was also done. Download the installer from here.

To be able to continue with similar activities we need your help.

4 thoughts on “What happened to Kate in Randa?

  1. Hi,
    I could test Kate on Windows a couple days ago. It was mostly working as usual with a couple minor issues.

    – a silent crash when using the “sort selected text’ function (in tools/scripts)
    – No mimetypes when using the file picker (I couldn’t pick an extension)
    – the CR were gone when opening a file edited in Kate in another text app (eg notepad)
    – the app wasn’t localized (the system uses french)

    1. Thanks for testing! :)

      I’ll have to test the “sort selected text” crash. Could you create a bug report so that we don’t forget about it?

      I was going to say that the file extension problem is a Windows platform problem, but Notepad++ does have a mimetype-picker. I think this might be a Qt platform integration problem… Can you report that too (to Kate on bugs.kde.org)?

      Kate tries to detect the line endings in the file and set the “End of Line” mode accordingly. A file with mixed line endings will get one or the other. This is not optimal if you want to edit a mixed endings file and only touch one or two lines… This is not easy to fix as the end of line information is only stored in the EOL mode in Kate at the moment.

      Localization was one of the things I worked on in Randa, but at the moment all the application translations are stored in one huge package and separating out just Kate’s translations was not trivial. There might be changes to the translation packaging in the future. It needs to be solved (More Randa meetings ;)
      I have already verified that If you copy translations from a Linux-installation to the correct path in the Kate’s installation directory you will get the localization :)

  2. I fixed that originally. The issue was reintroduced because the scrolling with fingers on the touchpad did not work properly (too quick on some touchpads). In my opinion, this regression is really really bad, and I would have chosen the other way… Well, right now, no one seems to have time to fix it again…

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