Kate’s TabBar gets Movable Tabs

With the next Applications 16.08 release, Kate5’s tabs will be movable with the mouse. This was a feature request for quite some time, which is now fixed.Kate5's Moving TabsFor the record, the animated gif was created with the following two commands:

  1. ffmpeg -f alsa -f x11grab -r 30 -s 680x385 -i :0.0+0,0 -threads 0 output%04d.png
  2. convert -delay 1/30 -loop 0 -layers OptimizeFrame -size 680x385 -fuzz 2% output*.png output.gif

Much more work is going on at the Randa spring currently held in Switzerland. Would be nice if you support us ;)

14 thoughts on “Kate’s TabBar gets Movable Tabs

  1. Great, thanks, that has solved a great annoyance :)
    I think its a trivial backport to 16.04 btw. The last two commits cherry-pick cleanly onto 16.04. Built against QT5.6 and works fine.

    1. Yes, it is trivial to backport to 16.04.3. I was hesitant to do so, since I want to avoid regressions in a stable version. But if really required, I can change my mind…?!

  2. Never used tabs, I prefer the document list, but hey – movable tabs are VERY useful when working with tabs :-). Didn’t know Kate wasn’t able to ..

    Cool thing! Great improvement (probably not as simple as it looks).

    1. The problem is, that the KDE Frameworks libraries do not have python bindings yes. As long as this is the case, it is impossible to bring this back. However, Shaheed is working on that, so you can expect it to come back at some point in time… bot not soon.

      1. I just re-read my original comment and it comes across as more sarcastic than I intended. Sadly my voice does the same; it’s apparently something to do with being English :)

        I’ll continue with Netbeans for now as it handles all the languages I work in and keep my eye on this site for progress.

        It’s good to know it’s being worked on.

  3. Nice to see Kate improving!

    One thing that keeps bugging me about it however is that horrible sidebar with writings stretches from bottom to top – a design flaw in my view.

    No offense though.

    1. Unfortunately no mockup, but if it was up to me, I think I’d simply change it so that the text would be horizontal instead of vertical – even if it’s not perfect, it’s a good starting point in my opinion.

      P.S I remember that back in the day (maybe 10 years ago) adding extra buttons to the side of applications (with writings top to bottom and vice versa) was considered innovative, but UX has taught us that users don’t want to tilt their heads in order to read stuff

  4. I guess you are aware that there’s KDevelop, which uses the kate editor component and has Python language support? :)

  5. Who came up with the idea to make it impossible to move a tab to a new window??
    That is the most stupid thing i have ever seen in software. I don’t want everything to open in the same Kate window!!!
    What if I want to compare two texts? I have to start two instances of kate, each of it has the same tabs open..
    Horrible design.

    I know, you will say that I don’t understand the session management in kate, but again, my answer is simply: horrible design! catastrophic really.

    1. There is certainly room for improvement. Best would be if you provide a patch. Right now, I personally have almost no time for Kate, unfortunately.

      But you can also just split the view, then you also can compare texts side by side…

  6. I’m curious: why does Kate do tabs differently from other KDE apps, such as Kile, Dolphin, and Konsole? Are these other apps using the Qtabwidget class and Kate is using something different? Because in Kile you can already move tabs around and the animation is even better/smoother than what Kate offers.

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