MiniMap Fine-Tuning

Kate also supports a minimap of the text contents instead of a classical scrollbar. To enable it, just go to

MiniMap Settings

Here at the Randa meeting, we just invested some time to bring this minimap more in line with the Breeze style. You can see the difference here: Note the scrollbar slider frame, the new version (right) is more distinct and in line with the rounded corners of the Breeze style.

MiniMap - Old Slider

Old Scrollbar Slider

MiniMap - New Slider

New Scrollbar Slider

This change will be in the KDE Frameworks 5.24 release. If you want to support the KDE Randa developer meeting, please click on the banner :-)

3 thoughts on “MiniMap Fine-Tuning

  1. Nice feature. How about showing “Show/hide minimap” option in scrollbar’s contextmenu (mouse right click)?

  2. I spotted this in Kate’s options recently. Liking what I see.

    Is there a way to add a timestamp to the minimap or next to the line numbers so we can view edit times?

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