First Day in Randa

Yesterday afternoon I and others arrived in Randa. After some first meetup, started to try out how much work it is to e.g. compile Konsole or KDevelop on my Mac without patching Qt and stuff.

Two review requests pending to get Konsole working at least on some basic level. Lets see what more is needed to get it in some usable state (at least the terminal toolview in Kate now can use the konsole part ;=)

One thought on “First Day in Randa

  1. It would be interesting to have the links to those reviews, and as always,

    do not forget to add the kde-mac group to any OS X-related RR or phabricator thingy!

    I have several patches for Konsole myself, but haven’t yet had the time to submit a single one except possibly the current version of my old shortcut improvement path. You know where to find them via my macstrop port repository on GitHub.
    The problem is that somehow Qt5’s Ctrl/Meta swap trick gets in the way of handling non-GUI terminal shortcuts like ^C and ^Z. Simply deactivating the feature doesn’t work for me.
    Much as I like Konsole on Linux, I think that in the end there is too much competition for it (starting with Apple’s own for it to justify lots of effort to get it working properly.
    Konsole4 does work OK, but simply doesn’t integrate as well with the system as applications using purely native SDKs like (has true focus-follow-mouse support!) or iTerm. It does offer embedding in other KDE apps, but only in basic form (no control from the host app, so no directory following for instance).

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