Breeze Dark Color Scheme

Just as quick info, with the next KDE Frameworks 5 release, namely KF5 version 5.23, the KTextEditor framework gains a Breeze Dark color scheme. The colors mostly stick to the Breeze color palette, with some minor changes, since KTextEditor needs more colors the the color palette itself ships. To use this color scheme, go to the config dialog and choose “Breeze Dark” in the Fonts & Colors config page. We hope this is useful – mandatory screenshot:

Breeze Dark

Update: Screenshot of KDevelop 5 with Breeze Dark theme and color schema:

KDevelop 5 with Breeze Dark

9 thoughts on “Breeze Dark Color Scheme

  1. I am looking forward very much to use your dark theme in KDevelop 5 – thank you for finally providing one by default! Currently I am still using a quite ancient modified Dark Oxygen theme; the only one which looks good with KDevelop’s great semantic colouring in a dark environment.

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