Kate 16.04 on Windows (64bit)

It seems the Kate Alpha Release in January was well received by some users. So we are happy to announce that we are releasing an updated Windows installer for Kate (64bit) today. Essentially, this is the same version that is shipped with the KDE Applications 16.04 release under Linux.

  • Kate-setup-16.04.1-64bit.exe (64bit) installer, compiled on Windows 10
  • If you have git in your PATH, then the Kate Projects plugin will work as expected.
  • As mentioned in the previous post, you may want to also install D-Bus for Windows, so that all documents opened use the same Kate instance.
  • You can compile Kate yourself with Visual Studio 2015 community edition by following the steps in kate-windows.git. For me, a few tweaks were necessary, though: If some modules do not compile, just run the cmake build command again (and again). The “NMake Makefiles JOM” do not work for me, I had to use “Visual Studio 14 2015 Win64” generator. You can start the Visual Studio with `devenv KateOnWindows.sln`. If you have further questions, please contact us on the mailing list.

Screenshot of running Kate under Windows 10:

Kate on Windows 10If you want to contribute or have questions, please contact the Kate developers on kwrite-devel@kde.org (subscribe). Also, you can sometimes reach us via IRC on irc.freenode.net in the channel #kate.

Further, if you want to support Kate and the KDE project in general, it is very much appreciated if you donate to the KDE e.V., KDE’s support organization – thank you! :-)

26 thoughts on “Kate 16.04 on Windows (64bit)

  1. Isn’t that an old(er) DBus version and build you’re linking to? From what I understand the MSWin code is now part of the official DBus source, so maybe it wouldn’t be too hard for you to provide a binary of the daemon too (built for 64bit)?

    1. Honestly, I personally did not look into this closely. I’d believe you immediately if you say there is a better or more modern way to solve the D-Bus issue. I guess we should look into this for future releases / announcements. Thanks for the hint!

          1. Doesn’t MSWin have its own mechanism to indicate that a running instance should be (re)used rather than firing up a new process?

            Also, it’d be worth considering to what extent other (KDE) applications are going to be likely to want to use Kate as an external editor, and how they’d communicate with it.

            I know some see DBus as a “fish out of the water” anywhere where the waters don’t mean *n*x/X11 but I personally think it’s more of a cross-platform desktop bus. And the DBus devs don’t appear to disagree…

      1. @Dominik: The Windows version does not really matter. You need to install the MSVC 2015 redist package alongside the installation of Kate (please check how KDevelop does it, cf. emerge.git).

        I thought you guys were shipping the redist already…? Although I can’t find any signs of that in your kate-windows.git

        1. We ship a redist_x64.exe that is also being installed (checked myself). Maybe if one cancels this, then you get this error message?

        2. Hmm.. that’s strange… windeployqt.exe copies the vcredist installer to bin and Dominik changed the nsis installer to install the 64-bit version in stead of the 32 bit version already, so the redist package should be installed.

          1. When was that? The installer I downloaded on 30/04 installed everything into “Program Files (x86)”, AFAIK that means it’s 32bit.
            Not that this is likely to make much of a difference for a text editor… ;)

    1. Any chance it is somehow related to the fact one cannot change the interface language (while curiously the plugin names and descriptions are being shown in French on my French-language Win10 install)?

      Something else: what Qt build is this? From an official installer or from a local build? I’m asking because I don’t see any trace of libfreetype, and a priori it is possible to use that for text rendering. I’d love to see if that improves rendering quality, because at the moment it isn’t very appealing on my system, much less so than in LibreOffice for instance.

    1. Python bindings for the KDE Frameworks are still missing, so for now no Python plugins. But I’m sure one day they will return :-)

  2. Can anyone help to get kate to open all files in the same instance?

    I installed Kate-setup-16.04.1-64bit.exe and DBus-Windows-Installer-1.4.1-2.exe on my Windows7 PC. The “-u” parameter doesn’t work anymore.

    What do I have to set up? The “dbus-daemon” was automatically started after reboot.

    Thank you!

      1. I have installed Kate (Kate-setup-16.04.1-64bit.exe) and it opens files in several instances :( very bad to me, I need to see all opened files in one window (list in Document view). So I have to use an old version of Kate (Version 3.10.2 Using KDE Development Platform 4.10.2) without this error

  3. Dominik, you wrote above about Kate editor for Windows 10, 64-bit.
    Interesting news!

    But! What about OLD Windows versions?
    Can Kate work under Win XP 32-bit?
    Under Win 7 32-bit?

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