Kate/KWrite on Mac – More Icons & More Plugins

After a bit more work, toolbars (and other places ;=) have icons, too. More Kate plugins do work, like the nice project plugin I use the whole day, see:Kate with Project Plugin on Mac

Updated .dmg files can be found at (alpha quality, only tested on Mac OS 10.10):



Help to get more stuff working and fix the remaining crashs is highly appreciated. A script how to build that all can be found at:


You can use a plain Qt and current KDE Frameworks & Kate master to get that running. Guess the next goal would be to get KIO working without patching Qt, lets see how much work that is.

P.S. With the guide in mac.txt you should be able to try out how to port other KDE based applications, too, and get a application bundle, as most stuff should be available now, for the average application. How to use some bundled Breeze icon set can be found here, just call code like that after QApplication is constructed:


Where to put the Breeze resource see mac.txt (its actually toplevel in the <app>.app folder, not in Resources like told by Qt docs).

20 thoughts on “Kate/KWrite on Mac – More Icons & More Plugins

  1. Isn’t working on Mac port of Kate similar to hobbits trying to please Sauron with some party snacks? There’s that weird reasoning behind open-sourcing TextMate, so why pushing Kate there? (Apart from that cool factor of working on Mac, especially if compared to Kubuntu 15.10)

    1. One never knows what will come out of it, but this initiative already had lots of positive side effects: the kde frameworks libraries got a lot more portable and it is now much more simple to deploy these libraries as self contained bundles. For instance, Kate Part ships with ~300 syntax highlighting files, these files always needed to be STATed to get the modification time etc, in order to know whether a highlighting changed. This is relatively slow. Now, these files are in.the Kate Part library as resources. This rests in a huge startup speed. Same for ui resources that are now usually just compiled into the Frameworks. But besides these technical details there are also other reasons: sometimes we need to work on os X or windows (such as myself), and having the same editor around is a huge gain, since I know all the little details and features. Finally, it is also a way to reach new contributors, which is maybe the most critical part of the whole story. ;)

    2. Who knows, perhaps party snacks would have avoided the worst ;=)

      Beside that:
      Perhaps Kate is not even that needed on Mac, who knows, but on Windows I want to have it and all my patches will make that easier possible, too.

      And yes, if we can attract more people using it on other operating systems we might get more contributors, which would be a nice thing, both for Kate itself and the KDE Frameworks libraries it uses, any help there is appreciated to make all things work nicely on Mac/Win, too!

      1. From my point of view, it has some merit, since I myself got hooked a decade ago by Kate on cygwin. I’m too busy with my own stuff to become a contributor, but I was a keen user. In the meantime I made a nice little environment for my work, and I won’t abandon *x systems. However the best distro became the most annoying thanks to myriads of bugs and disappearing apps (is Digikam back? and Krusader?) and the the editor that was closest to perfection got crippled beyond levels of acceptance.

        Now I’m contemplating going to a clean LTS install and un-ticking any Kate update that Muon would try to trick me into. It is almost as bad as trying to find a good ROM for a non-Nexus phone on XDA…

        I suppose you guys are tired of my ranting. Heck, even I am. So I just wish you a good time developing Kate, hopefully to a something better than it was two years ago (or so).

          1. I think you are fed up with my complaining, but here we go: in short, I can live with any bug out there (like crashes or occasional forgetting folding states after program restart), but I really, really need an option to fold all nodes on lower levels. Like functions inside a PHP class, or CSS declarations inside a @media section. I have to edit files with large amount of such nodes, and folding them manually is out of the question. If bringing this feature back is not an easy fix, I would really appreciate any sign from developers whether it is planned for future releases, or are you abandoning it completely. In both cases you will get less complaining, and I will either wait patiently, or direct my efforts to learning vim or whatever else does what I need.

            I’m currently on NP++ running under Wine, and that is sort of OK, but if you work with large files, Kate with document map and dots showing edited areas was just brilliant…

          2. The code doing this was commented out when the code folding was rewritten, see:

            This is a regression and we’d definitely accept every patch that will make this work again. The reason why “the Kate developers” did not implement it again is simply time restrictions :( :(

            Maybe we should blog about it to make people aware of it? Maybe we’d get a patch this way…

          3. Heh, better that than if it was disabled due to a comment I saw, stating that less folding options would make the menu look better… In a world of Unity and other “improvements” that was quite a realistic threat. Especially when I see that after folding code was rewritten (broken?) people play with Mac OS for over a year and have no time for other stuff.

            Sure it is a problem for people used to folding since 1990 or so, and I personally would be very happy to use Kate again. Less of a problem for others. If your blog supports polls (top 20 features or bugs to fix), maybe you could use it to direct your contributors in a more organized fashion.

            Anyway, thanks for your answers. It looks like there is hope for me.

          4. Dominik, the source you linked indeed has commented portions of code that should perform code folding for ‘level n’ nodes (or rather calls to a method that should do that), BUT it doesn’t even have any menu entries for such operations. Where did they go? Commented-out menu entries are for missing operations on all nodes, toplevel nodes and multiline comments, not ‘level n’ nodes.

        1. Cool :=) Hope it doesn’t eat your files.
          Now I want to setup the build like Kåre Särs did on Windows to see what the status is on that operating system ;=) Kåre did already get most things to work OK.

    3. This comment sounds almost as ignorant as: “Why would anybody need an additional text editor application when the OS itself already has one included?”

      In my opionion having kate run natively on mac is great!

      Having a simple .dmg file for the installation is great!

      I like how kate orgainizes the open files and sessions. I was never a big fan of TextMate and some other text editors on the mac. When you have >30 files open at the same time navigation becomes awkward. After restarting your session may (or may not) be gone and you have to open all those files from all those different directories again. In kate you just save/open the session and continue working.

      Big thanks to the developers!

      1. Actually the session management doesn’t seem to work on mac.

        This works reliably:
        First: Save session with a name.
        Then: Load session -> Crash

  2. Hi, Kate is awesome, but still little bit buggy on OS X. Where can I report bugs? I would love to help at least with this.

  3. Thank you for the app! It works on my El Capitan. One thing that I can’t find is a place of highlight files. Where could I put my own xml files with highlighting rules?

  4. Hi,
    is it normal, that i can’t open file from OS X’s filemanagers in kate? It just runs kate without any file open.
    And why this command “/Applications/kate.app/Contents/MacOS/kate” doesn’t support -u switch? How can i open more files in single instance?
    I really love Kate and I want it working on OS X.
    Thank you.

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