Kate on Mac, HiDPI

Kate runs ;=)

Kate on Mac HiDPI

But as you can see, we have no icons, but that is as no work was invested into it and not even any icons are installed ;=)

I will maintain a guide how to build it on mac in the kate.git/mac.txt file. At the moment, this is all not that nice. Kate is able to open files via file dialog and it renders OK, modulo some glitches.

Still a long way to go, ATM the application bundle contains just the application binary + plist + icons. The libraries are still found only because of they are were they were compiled & installed. Plugins are not found either, need to take a look if that is just missing env vars or more.

At least, this is far better than at the beginning of the year, were all I had was instant segfaults.

Kate runs here btw. without any dbus server running, which means file opening in that window via command line won’t work, but still, compared to KWrite, which crashs on open dialog because of dbus missing, that is nice ;=)

7 thoughts on “Kate on Mac, HiDPI

  1. To make a proper bundle that contains everything, you can use my hacked-up macdeployqt, maybe. It not only deploys qt and the qt plugins to the bundle, but also kde plugins.

    It’s in here: https://quickgit.kde.org/?p=scratch%2Frempt%2Fkritadeposx.git, together with a bunch of notes. It’s still Qt4 based, but the principle is the same, and I’ll have to update it to Qt5 soon. (I’m also using this repo to store the external cmake projects I’m using to build deps).

    1. Thanks ;=) I will take a look after I got Kate running good enough. With set QT_PLUGIN_PATH plugins even do work, nice. I will try to put the icons in the right place and get away from random dbus related crashs ;=)

    2. I patched the current macdeployqt to just deploy all plugins inside the qt plugin dir and installed KF5 plugins there, too.
      That worked, I have now two .dmg with KWrite and Kate. Kate plugins are even found, as they rely only on the qt plugin system. Unfortunately for KIO, the protocol files are not found (because I don’t package them and the path won’t match). Will think about that until my other review requests and the dependency stuff is done.

    1. Hi, I think that is a good idea and after it is out of the “crash often” and “need multiple patches to frameworks” I will do that, until then, I think I keep with updating the mac.txt file in kate.git, which can be used as script to compile + install in one go, btw. ;=)

  2. This is so awesome. I would really love it if you could make a .dmg package available for Yosemite/El Capitan so I can use this at work when I develop Ruby-on-Rails apps on OSX. Then I can switch to Kate completely. Thanks for this work you have done.

    1. Hi, I hope to get there somewhen, but the current state is really useless. You can open files and save them, some plugins do something, but already KIO does nerv around with ugly error messages and stuff ;=) And that all with my patches that I applied locally. I will first try to get in the necessary fixes, than I can think about providing some “testing” .dmg.

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