Qt World Summit + Kate/KDevelop Sprint in Berlin

This week is really busy, first three days of Qt World Summit and now hacking away at the Kate/KDevelop sprint in Berlin.

This year my personal goal will be to get our bugs & wishes back into shape.

One major decision I as the maintainer did take was to close all wishes that not got changed since two years. Our team is very small and we have plenty of real bugs to take care of (and their number is rising) such that we will never be able to implement random requests.

If an user is really interested in the feature to come into existance, the wish can be reopened. Still, if no new arguments are brought up that might lead to some more interest by the Kate team, I think that won’t help a lot. The best solution would be if people could provide patches, which in some cases, like for missing highlighting features in the syntax files, is really easy. At least it should be for the advanced user crowd attracted by an advanced text editor.

7 thoughts on “Qt World Summit + Kate/KDevelop Sprint in Berlin

  1. Programmers File Editor -Windows, ‘pfe(/32)’ has a ‘Macro’ facility. One of the most useful items in an Editor, but I haven’t found one in Linux that has it.

  2. Is there a place where one could check what features/bugfixes are in the queue? I stopped using Kate due to a feature removal, and instead of complaining about it every time you post here, I could just click a link and see if theres any hope for improvement.

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