Kate from KDE Applications 15.04 – KF 5.9

I reinstalled my home machine last week with openSUSE 13.2 and installed their latest 15.04 packages from the KDE repos ;=)

That is the first time that I use a distro-shipped Kate that is based on KF5 (and no other Kate 4.x is installed any more as escape route).

I think I already have seen 1-2 glitches (like not needed questions for reload and some repaint issue on reload), still, overall, I am happy with what is shipped as 15.04.

Thanks to all people contributing to KF5 and Kate 5.x! Well done!
And thanks to the packagers of 15.04, too. Nice to have up-to-date applications with just an additional repository to add!

8 thoughts on “Kate from KDE Applications 15.04 – KF 5.9

  1. I use Arch and I find that Kate (or the SQL plugin) does not remember my settings. I’ve mentioned it in more than one place but never got a reply. Am I the only one experiencing this?

  2. Nope, same issue here. I believe the SQL plugin saves connection settings in the Kate session file. I think the plugin also has some issues with presenting different connections when you have created more than one.

    That aside, I still *love* Kate and I always miss it immediately whenever I’m forced to use any other editor.

    1. On the file you wish to open, right click, properties,File Type Options button,… remove %U from Kate command …

  3. I installed kate 5 in Kubuntu. I see a strange issue where kate does not respect the color scheme set in system settings. No matter which color scheme is set, kate always has the light color scheme. Is there a place to set the color scheme?

    1. Same issue here using default plasma (version 4:5.4.2-1 in debian testing) dark breeze theme. I found an old bug at:
      where this issue (appearing in setups using dark colour themes) was apparently solved for an older Kate version.

      I checked every other scheme option in the “Layout” tab within the File->Print menu with the same result: light text being printed. This is reproducible also if printing to a PDF file. I will try to fill a bug report as soon as I have some time for it, but feel free to do it for yourself before.

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