Kate’s Mascot: Kate the Woodpecker

After the first KF 5 release, I contacted the creator of the Krita mascot Kiki and the KF 5  dragons artwork, Tyson Tan, if he would be interested in design a Kate mascot, too. He immediately agreed to help out and after some months of roundtrips, here we go!

Kate has a mascot: Kate the Woodpecker

The short design summary (by Tyson Tan):

Why a woodpecker? I said I was going to draw a humming bird, but she turned out to look more like a woodpecker, and the sound a woodpecker makes knocking on a tree is coincidentally similar to the sound of keyboard strokes).

Kate is female because of her name. I thought about other names like Klicky and Katherine, but I would rather save them for other future KDE projects to pick up as their names.

Design elements:
“{}” on the chest, “/” of the feathers, and “*” in the eyes.
The wing feathers also resembles multiple document tabs.
Color scheme inspired by doxygen source code highlighting.

And how does the first version of the mascot look like? Here is the mandatory version 1.0 mascot picture:

Kate Mascot: Kate the Woodpecker

Tyson Tan allows that artwork to be  Creative Commons BY-SA and/or GPL and/or GFDL licensed and donates it to the KDE Kate project.

This is version 1.0, changes might be made and more variants are possible in the future.

Thanks to Tyson Tan for this contribution, he rocks (more of his artwork can be found on his homepage).  We will see the mascot soon a lot more on the Kate homepage and other Kate material.

This once more shows: the community shall never underestimate any non-code contributions. You designers, translators, documentation writers, …., that help us all out, you all rock!

10 thoughts on “Kate’s Mascot: Kate the Woodpecker

  1. Cool very inspired. great job tyson. I definitly love it on a t-shirt.

    How does it look like in smaler size (32×32) when you use it as application icon, or is there a second woodpecker design for icons.

  2. @andreas_k: I still think that as an application icon, our current one is pretty good as you instantly know its an editor. You don’t have konqi as the konqueror icon either after all :)

    That said, I also really enjoy this new mascot. Reminds me a bit of some uber-rare/powerful pokemon but that’s definitely not a bad thing :]

    thanks Tyson!

  3. Thanks everyone! I’m glad you like the first version, and I will improve the design once I finished doing Konqi and Kiki’s piture sets!

    GIMP’s Wilbur is a perfect example of using a nicely designed mascot as the app’s icon, but Kate’s current design looks too complicated for such a purpose.

    I personally agree with Milian Wolff. When Christoph contacted me months ago he also talked about designing a new icon for Kate, but I think the current icon is nicely done. It shows Kate’s purpose in a glimpse.

    But yes, of course, we can work to improve its KDE identity and visibility – like adding the letter K on the writting pad, as well as changing the pen color to blue.

    For printing on the t-shirt, I want to stylize the design further, so that we can have something as cool as Infamous: Second Son’s.

  4. Hi everyone,

    I like the picture and I love kate project. However I do not think it is a good logo/maskot for any program. The reason is that sucesfull program logo should look distinguishable in small sizes as well (think firefox, twitter) and I doubt, that this will be the case. Also form smaller sizes we would need little simplified version of this which I can not quite imagine.

    Just my 2cents, however keep looking, I think it is a great idea to have a maskot.

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