Auto-loading Projects in the Projects Plugin (Kate 5)

Since KDE SC 4.10, Kate ships with the Projects plugin. This plugin provides an automatically generated structured list of files belonging to a project. Currently, in Kate 5, the Projects plugin looks like this:

Projects Plugin in Kate 5

What’s new in the Project plugin in Kate 5 since some weeks is an auto-loading feature. In 4.x times you needed to create a .kateproject file that was then read by the Projects plugin to populate the listview. This still works in Kate 5, of course. But if a .kateproject file does not exists, you can now still read the file list from the version control system. To this end, auto-loading for the respective version control system needs to be enabled in the settings (enabled by default):

Autoloading Kate ProjectsWe hope this is useful to you :-)

5 thoughts on “Auto-loading Projects in the Projects Plugin (Kate 5)

  1. So this means that when no project file exists, to get a project’s structure the VCS will be scanned instead of the directories on disk, for the benefit of saving time?

    1. When no .kateproject file exists in the directories upwards, Kate queries the VCS and shows it in the project tree. Is has nothing to do with saving time, though. By the way, you can let the Projects plugin also query the VCS already now, you just have to tell it in the .kateproject file to use git, svn or other version control systems that are supported.

  2. This is just how editor from github works. You should check it out, because they had some nice ideas with respect to the UI. I like their Ctrl+Alt+T menu and the various ways to search in a project.

  3. Hi, I’ve been using Kate for a while. So far, the Project plugin is still not clear for me. I don’t not quite understand what this plugin is used for, what a developer can do with this plugin.

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