Kate needs you!

The next major step in Kate’s evolution is close: Kate based on KDE Frameworks 5.

Whereas it already works well enough for me (and others), it would be nice to clear out as many issues as possible before we have our first official KF 5 based release.

Our Bugzilla is full with smaller and larger Kate/KTextEditor (aka KatePart) issues, see:

Whereas Kate/KTextEditor has people working on it and continue to improve it over time, we don’t have enough people to keep track and care for all our reported bugs/wishs.

Therefore, if you have a clue about Qt and if you use Kate or any application using our KTextEditor editing component, like KDevelop, Kile, …. => Think about helping us out.

Here is a nice guide how to build KF 5 stuff.

We are happy to review your patches, any help is welcome!

(And yes, shame on me, during Akademy I found patches older than one year hanging around on Bugzilla, now applied, and still some controversial ones are floating around.)

Even if you are no developer, reviewing bugs/wishs and killing off issues that got already solved or are not applicable would already be a great help!

2 thoughts on “Kate needs you!

  1. Guy’s….Hi
    I’m a 35 year veteran programmer who has (Unbelevably) just discoverd Kate. I don’t get around. Been real busy too.
    I had to upgrade my drives for my data base and had to go to a new operating system. After 3 months, I’ve decided on OpenSuse….Now for a devpak. I prefer to work in Assembler, 68k, but know 86k fairly well. I was looking how to compile FreeFileSync which is my favorite sync program for XP, which is where I’m coming from (learning curve issues). Wow am I impressed with KDE and LOS (Linux-OpenSuse). I’ve been writing kind of my own called K-OS and those of you who know the origins of the term ‘kudos’ know this well. Any how, I have lots of dev time available, and learning the system is first and foremost. I see a whole bunch of little things need doing. I usually use VS2008, But your doing already all I need in KDE. So now I need to know the libraries and make my own.

    I do want position re-entrant, position indepedant, Static postionalble libraries like we had in the Amiga. I wrote a whole Oil well program in ’84-87 and the whole thing includeing all dependencies fit in under 2meg. I now need to write for tablets and cell phones in arm7 or cortex quad type applications. I think I layed down the specifics for many of the processors back then and now can adapt. It’s Ironic that I can get as much horsepower out of my tablet and phone now, than my $1200 quad core of 8 year in age. I need that horsepower for my apps, the first is a heart/lung monitor by which you hang a smart phone around your neck. I asked them to make SURE you could do this though no one does. I’ll glue something to the back for now. I want to completely bypass android and ‘take over the system’ during the app, but ‘pop’ back out for a slice or two to make sure all is okay. I can fit the core into my old os9 kernel which did EVERYTHING I need and was 4k hmmm….Progress. So much for bragging, I got a lot to learn and should probably start by asking you all, WHAT DO YOU NEED. I’ve got a few things I need to clear up and it will take a few months. I’ll take your latest dev source and debug. This should get me to know the system (few weeks+). Then you should tell me where you NEED me most. I’ve got sometime to devote to the devpak as it will be the platform through which I will develope these things. I may be the father of OpenSource even. When the CoCo(6809) was in it’s prime, I redid Steve Bjork’s(I think, could have been Forest Mim’s too) EdTasm which was a relocating assembler/disassembler/editor My whole K-OS is based on it. However K-OS is mostly still in my mind, and I don’t like x86 architector…I LOVE arm/cortex. By the way…EdTAsm was less than 4k and I ported it from ROM. Now we need it as our kernel FOR the rom….I think I can give cell phones a boot by the time the display warms. I’ll do this open-source for android, and if we can get non-volitile fast ram for desktops…for that too. Anyway …on to devpaks.

    I don’t want to cross macroize the assembler. I want to write specific for the core(s). It all depends on the interrupts and event processors available and I still have to learn them. I’m so glad to be free of Micro-soft. I love my LOS and will support it now full time. Where do you need me?????

    What I need from the other languages, the ability to give me the core disassemblies. So, we compile our language to the point of function, then optimize critical sections of code. I remember my last conversation with bill(ulots) Gates(where pastures needed). I told him we need the critical sections in assembler to facilitate interrupt (event) accuracies. 4×2.4g procs and it can’t tell time. He told me they would write in C++ and thus force faster computers to be sold. My computers (all 14) have served me well and have not needed upgrading. We need assembler throughout though I’d be a fool not to see the advantages in speed of a gui ide. I’ll lay down the structs and timing I need for andriod/arm and then convert for LOS and then K-OS. I don’t care if anyone uses my code. I’ll be designing for my needs…you can be the spin off.
    Anyway…hope to be back and hope to support.
    Yours to the betterment of mankind using (loving) creative computing.
    -I can’t answer many emails…I’ll be writing.

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