Linux Voice – Kate wins the advanced text editors group test

Happy news arrived on the kwrite-devel mailing list with this post before Easter ;)

Kate has won the advanced text editor comparison in the Linux Voice magazine – Issue 2, yeah ;)

Nice to see that our work on Kate is awarded.

About Linux Voice: Seems to be some pretty new magazine about Linux & Open Source (Issue 2 says it all) and they promise to give 50% of their profit back to the Free Software community, developers and events. Hope that works out, it is a nice goal.

P.S. And yeah, this is just one comparison and no, lets not start the “editors wars, … edition” in the comments, there are a lot of text editors to choose between and depending on your needs and preferences Kate might not be your favorite ;)

Featured  in Linux Voice

4 thoughts on “Linux Voice – Kate wins the advanced text editors group test

  1. Congratulations!

    I use kate mostly for scripting languages (php, python, perl), and I even went the way to install it on Windows (work machine) because I like it better than all other alternatives available.

    Though, for C++/QML/Qt I stick with QtCreator ;-) … best tool for the job, and for me QtCreator is more convenient. But that’s a personal choice I’d guess.

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