Kate/KDevelop Sprint – Finishing Line

Saturday most Kate developers will depart, therefore now the most work has been finalized (or at least brought to some intermediate state that works OK).

Below, the mandatory screenshot, Kate started without any configuration set in the framework branch, new and shiny:

KF5 Kate after SprintFind the differences πŸ˜›

And one screenshot with some files open:

KF5 Kate with Files

6 thoughts on “Kate/KDevelop Sprint – Finishing Line”

  1. What is this “Search and Replace” thing at the bottom? Why does it effectively double height of the status bar? If it’s merely a shortcut (what’s wrong with CTRL-F/R or using the menu?), that seems like a bit of a waste of screen real-estate to me.

    It would be understandable to have a Search/Replace bar at the bottom while actually performing a Search/Replace operation, but if it were up to me it’d be hidden, otherwise. (I hope it’s at least configurable.)

    1. Search & Replace is a plugin, that allows to search & replace in multiple files/directories/projects at once, it is not the normal document wide crtl-f/r. Per default, that plugin is loaded but if you don’t need it, you can simply turn it off.

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