6 thoughts on “Kate/KDevelop Sprint – Finishing Line

  1. What is this “Search and Replace” thing at the bottom? Why does it effectively double height of the status bar? If it’s merely a shortcut (what’s wrong with CTRL-F/R or using the menu?), that seems like a bit of a waste of screen real-estate to me.

    It would be understandable to have a Search/Replace bar at the bottom while actually performing a Search/Replace operation, but if it were up to me it’d be hidden, otherwise. (I hope it’s at least configurable.)

    1. Search & Replace is a plugin, that allows to search & replace in multiple files/directories/projects at once, it is not the normal document wide crtl-f/r. Per default, that plugin is loaded but if you don’t need it, you can simply turn it off.

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