Kate/KDevelop Sprint – Status Bar Take 2

After the first initial status bar integration into the KatePart, we thought a bit more about what users might expect. Looking at the competition, one common feature is to allow quick-switching the indentation settings.

Joseph gave that a try and we now have an even better version available in the KF5 KTextEditor framework.

Mandatory screenshot (KWrite, Kate or other applications using it will look the same), updated version after feedback below:KF5 Status Bar Take 2(Update: Using now again non-bold + Line/Column swapped with status)KF5 Status Bar Take 2-2

14 thoughts on “Kate/KDevelop Sprint – Status Bar Take 2

      1. Thanks! The new screenshot is much better. Text in the statusbar should never be bold because bold text cries for attention and my attention should be in the TextEditor above it. Furthermore I like that “information” (line number, …) is at the left and the “modifiers” (Insert/Overwrite, …) are at the right.

        1. My previous comment assumes that “Insert” changes the status to “Overwrite” when clicked and conversely. If that is not the case, then it would be great if you could implement that feature.

    1. Oh but otherwise – nice improvements, thank you for that.

      Btw. what happened with the total lines count in the second screenshot? Will it stay or not?

      1. At the moment it is gone, to save space for other notifications in the middle. I am not sure if it is that needed, thought, most other editors I know of don’t have it neither (and the scrollbar/minimap size gives a good estimate for the size of the file)

        1. One possibility: could you have a little dropdown next to the line/column count (like with the highlighting and encoding dropdowns), that when clicked shows the total line and column count, word count, and other such statistics?

          This would make the information easily available, but wouldn’t clutter the UI much.

          1. Yes, this is a great idea!!! But maybe the whole “Line: …, Column: …” label could be replaced by a button which shows this drop down widget when clicked.

  1. Hello,

    thanks for the improvements.
    I think it would also be great to have the “Dictionary” selection at your fingertips, especially when you edit files with different languages ….

    On the other hand to much stuff in there is also not good, especially if you consider that the current implementation adds an extra area and stays as long as you like.

    Just my 2cents…

    1. I am also a big fan of this option, but I wouldn’t put it in the toolbar. It is better to put it in the same area as the highlighting selector, the encoding selector, … (which IMHO are similar actions).

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