Kate/KDevelop Sprint – Improved Status Bar

Just started to introduce a default status bar to KatePart.

Instead of  forcing all applications to implement an own one with varying quality and features, it provides a default status bar that is an improved variant of the status bar of the Kate application. Now Kate and KWrite have exactly the same features there ;)

If the host application doesn’t want that, the KTextEditor interface allows to deactivate it completely.

The new status bar allows e.g. finally to switch the file mode (== highlighting) and encoding directly from the status bar ;)

Mandatory screenshot:
KWrite KF5 with new status bar

9 thoughts on “Kate/KDevelop Sprint – Improved Status Bar

  1. Nice feature. Don’t suppose while you’re in there you could add word count to the line / char bit on the left? As someone who uses Kwrite for words instead of code that always feels missing…

    1. It’s already doable. Well, I do: I use Oxygen Window Decoration’s menu button and have manually added Highlight and Encoding buttons with no labels and icons (can’t remember if I’ve set icons myself or they’re default).

      Just felt like the tip needed sharing. ;)

      Still, these new ones are a great improvement, as my toolbarbuttons don’t show which options are selected. Let them come! Thanks a lot!

    1. Yes, that was one of the reasons I wanted that inside the part.
      Still, ATM there are some smaller layout glitches, like it still resizes a bit on switching the bars, but that should be ironed out soon.

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