Kate/KDevelop Sprint – First Weekend

Here we sit, in Barcelona, hacking away at KTextEditor & Kate.
During the first 2 days, we already got some stuff done, like cleaning up KTextEditor interfaces and port more parts to KF5 (like ctags plugin, sql plugin, …).

More and more, KTextEditor & Kate get into a usable state for frameworks ;)
It is really good to have some free days in a nice location to focus on that goal!

We will not fundamentally change a lot of stuff but really concentrate on long term items we had on the radar for the 4.x => 5.x change and on having a GOOD 5.0 release that is as usable as the 4.x series with hopefully only as few regressions as possible.

8 thoughts on “Kate/KDevelop Sprint – First Weekend

  1. Excuse my curiosity, but why is the location Barcelona once again (Plasma sprint, Kate sprint, etc)? :) Just bc a lot of devs are alredy concentrated there? Such a pity no sprints take place in the Northern Europe, Barcelona is out of reach for me. :(

  2. Hi, compliments for your nice editor (Kate).

    In Kate can I have different editor profiles, i.e. different tab size, without going everytime to options windows to set it?

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