Kate on KDE Frameworks 5

After the initial porting of KTextEditor interfaces and KatePart, now the Kate application itself runs on KF5, too.
It still has a LOT of issues (and I marked all commented out pieces with FIXME KF5), but at least, it launches and loads the essential file tree plugin and allows you to open files via the “Open” action. Any help in fixing the remaining issues is welcome (and removing deprecated cruft), but keep in mind, it might eat all the files you edit :)

That means now all stuff in the “frameworks” branch of kate.git beside the “addons” directory containing plugins/plasma stuff at least compiles and launches with KF5.

Now the question is how we handle further development. Shall we switch to “frameworks” for all major stuff in interfaces/part/application and only let feature work be done in the “master” branch for addons (which we then can port later on)?

Feedback is welcome ;)

One thought on “Kate on KDE Frameworks 5

  1. In the Qt development, every new feature must go to the dev branch from 5.x. When that feature is stable enough, then it is backported to 4.8.

    Perhaps what is important is that the KDE4 Kate code is clean enough, because if you have ported Kate (and other classes) to KF5 and after that you clean up the code of the new version, it will be much harder to backport. Or so I imagine… :-)

    Anyway, great work!!

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