Kate: Search & Replace Notifications in KDE 4.11

In KDE 4.10, the “Find All” and “Replace All” highlights all matches and at the same time shows a passive notification in a bar below the view. This bar is animated, and takes quite a lot of place in addition to the search & replace bar.

Since some days, Kate Part can also show passive notifications floating in the view. Hence, we’ve changed the passive notification to appear on the bottom right as a small info message, showing the number of matches. However, in order to make this passive notification as small as possible, we removed the “Close” button, since the notification is hidden after 3 seconds anyway. Further, we removed the “Keep Highlighting” button. If you want to keep the highlights, just do not close the search & replace bar. The following video demonstrates this behavior, first for KDE 4.10, then how it currently will be in KDE 4.11 (watch the video in 720p):

15 thoughts on “Kate: Search & Replace Notifications in KDE 4.11

  1. Nice, although I’m not sure if that green background is really necessary (icon should be enough to indicate status).

      1. I remember there having been discussion on this a while ago. I think this behavior makes a lot of sense.

        1. +1 for this
          +1 for removing highlighting when bar closes and no checkbox for it

          Kate is a big reason I use Linux. Improvements like this just make the workflow easier and visually less cluttered. Tnx!

  2. I think this is a good change. I liked the previous behaviour where the highlight just stayed until the search was closed. I didn’t dislike the “Keep Highlighting” button but I just preferred it if the highlighting stayed.

    One thing that I really like, and find really useful, about the QtCreator editor is that it flashes up a floating notification when a search for the “next” occurrence has wrapped around from the end of the document to find the first one in the file. It strikes me that the floating notifications you have in Kate could also be used for this purpose. Any plans to do this? Anyone think it’s a good or bad idea?

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