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Okular, KDE’s universal document viewer, has a really cool feature I’m using for years already: “Go > Forward” and “Go > Backward”. These two actions allow to quickly jump to positions in the document where you came from in a chronological order. Consider e.g. reading the phrase “As shown in [15], …”, and you want to know quickly lookup reference [15]. So you click on it, and okular will jump to the list of references. And “Go > Back” will bring you back to exactly the position where you came from.

Awesome :-D

In fact, I removed the “Previous” and “Next”-page buttons from the toolbar in favor of the “Back” and “Forward” feature, which is much more useful to me :) Given that my colleagues were not aware of this feature (all experts in LaTeX  and all using Kile and Okular), I thought to praise it here in a dedicated blog. Interestingly, the Okular Handbook is missing this feature. Any takers to fix this? :-) Update: This is also mentioned in the Okular handbook :-)

13 thoughts on “Navigation in Okular: Back & Forward

  1. What would be usefull too, is that okular get a ‘print’ button in the toolbar, per default(like every other document/pdf viever). never understand why it isnt there :/
    but it sounds good

  2. The problem is that it also adds scrolling to the undo-stack. It can get quite ugly if you follow a link, read some pages and want to use “go back” to go where you came from.
    What I am actually waiting for is something like “Ctrl+click” to open in new window.

    1. I for one like the scrolling, as it indicates in which direction you jump. I’ve never had the feeling of a bad UI here ;) Probably a matter of taste.

      1. I am not talking about the animation but the items on the undo stack.
        * open a document
        * click a link, let’s say it brings you to page 35.
        * read further (scrolling) until page 40
        * press “back”
        result: you won’t end up on page 35 but somewhere on page 39/40. There are several more “back”‘s neccessary until you are on page 35.

  3. My Okular toolbar has:
    Open, Print, separator, Back, Forward, separator, First Page, Previous Page, Next Page, Last Page, separator, Zoom Dropdown, Zoom Out, Zoom In, separator, Navigation, Lens, Selection (dropdown icon)
    (I use icon-only toolbars everywhere, so there’s plenty of room. I think the choice to show text below icons by default was a really big design mistake, because it leads to unusably crippled default toolbars such as the Okular one.)

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