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  1. Hello guys,
    What about the Quick Switch plugin? I’m using Kubuntu 12.10, KDE 4.10.0 from ppa, got hlselection working with the workaround above but really miss quickswitch.

  2. Speaking of bugs… Am I the only one seeing a problem in block selection? I can’t find a bug for it.
    Press Ctrl-Shift-B and try to select a block of text: if the last line is shorter than the ones preceding it, you won’t be able to select all the columns you need: the cursor won’t move past the end of the last (shorter) line.

    1. Christoph removed the “non-wrapping” cursor due to bugs (iirc). But I’m pretty much hit by this as well, it simply sucks…
      Can you open a bug report? Imo this should be even fixed in the 4.10 lifetime.

      1. I will, since you confirm it’s not only me having this problem… I thought it could be some package installation problem (recently I reported a bug on panels that turned out to be some packaging mistake by the Kubuntus)

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