Kate in KDE 4.10

According to our release schedule, KDE SC 4.10.0 will be available to the public in early February 2013. Following Kate in KDE 4.7, Kate in KDE 4.8 and Kate in KDE 4.9, this blog post highlights what’s new in Kate in KDE 4.10.

New Features

News in the Plugins World

  • Kate’s Pate plugin now provides several new plugins by default, with Python 3 support.
  • Kate gained a new and very powerful Project plugin with ctags code completion. It is tightly integrated with the Search & Replace plugin as well as the GDB Plugin and the Quick Open feature.
  • Kate Search & Replace plugin gained find-as-you-type support.


Bug Fixes

Most of the following work was done during the yearly KDE conference and especially the joint Kate/KDevelop meeting this October in Vienna. A massive bug database cleanup was performed mainly by Christoph, so we closed several hundreds of bug reports, where ~280 are really fixed. So we are down to a total of 400 reports (only 70 of these 400 reports are bugs), where we initially had > 800 open issues. This also is reflected in the Kate bug charts:

Thanks to all contributors to make yet another release rock! :-) And as always: We are happy for every contribution, so check out the Kate sources and send us patches! We hope you enjoy using Kate as much as we enjoy its development :-)

32 thoughts on “Kate in KDE 4.10

  1. Awesome, my favourite text editor just got even better! Hope there will be a KDE for Windows release again soon (last was in Feb 2012), since I have to work on Windows a lot these days.

    1. I have the same problem. The selection highlight is so helpful for me. Also Auto-bracket is changed (it deletes the selected word now instead to wrap it in brackets/quotes.
      And finally – Python plugins are crashing my editor….

      1. Is the plugin enabled in the Editor Plugins config dialog?
        Nothing changed with respect to the “Highlight Selection” plugin, so it should just work?!
        What distribution are you using?

          1. Starting kate with: LANG=C kate gives me the same result: the highlight selection plugin is not present.
            Do you guys missing the plugin also on Kubuntu ? If so, I’ll try to see with the Kubuntu team.

        1. Under Editor Component -> Extensions i have only four extensions: Auto Brace, Exporter, IconInserter and Insert File
          It doesn’t exist under Application -> Plugins either
          What about the quote/brackets “wrap” functionality ?

          1. >What about the quote/brackets “wrap” functionality ?
            It was removed in favor of the auto-brace plugin. If the auto-brace plugin does not provide what you need, please file a bug report on bugs.kde.org for the Kate component :)

        2. Gentoo doesn’t have that Plugin either. On the Extensions menu, only the 4 plugins already mentioned are present.
          Really hope you manage to get this feature back; its difficult to live without it :(

  2. I am also affected … :-( Same problem: the plugin is no longer listed. Gone … If I am not mistaken, was it not a standalone package called something like “kate-plugins” in KDE 4.9 ? There is no longer such a package in Kubuntu packaging of KDE 4.10 as far as I can tell …

    REALLY MISSING that feature !! Hope it will be fixed soon.

          1. Better just change 4.3 to 4.0 of the .desktop file as mentioned in the bug report. You need to run kbuildsycoca4 afterwards once.

  3. I am not sure if this is a bug. When I paste text tab-characters are replaced with spaces. I want indent set to use spaces, but I think it is incorrect behavior to remove tab-characters from pasted text.

  4. How can I restore the auto-brackets behaviors to kate / kdevelop as auto-braces is no longer built in to kate, the Auto Braces plugin is pathetic as I can no longer highlight a block of code / text and encase it inside braces or square brackets or normal brackets or quotes etc… my text is deleted.

    This stuff up has ruined one of the best application development IDEs available for Linux.

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