Kate needs BiDi/Unicode aware developers ;)

During our long bug hunting and fixing sprint I came along some nasty BiDi or Unicode related bugs.

I and most others in the Kate team are not really able to fix such issues :( We lack both the knowledge of the underlying techniques and are not able to write/read any language that really uses complex unicode chars or BiDi text.

Therefore: If you know Qt and you want to help out with fixing BiDi/Unicode related bugs, please provide patches for them in the KDE Bugzilla!

Here are the relevant bugs:

Any help here is highly appreciated! If you have questions about the internals of KatePart needed to fix such an issue, just ask in the bug or kwrite-devel@kde.org.

2 thoughts on “Kate needs BiDi/Unicode aware developers ;)

  1. Hi,
    I’m posting here because I don’t have an account in KDE bugzilla.

    I just tested bug 70986 using kate 3.9.2 and kwrite in KDE 4.9.2 Archlinux, and it seems like the problem has been solved. I’m also using persian language which has been used by those whom reported the bug.
    Also, I would be glad if I could be of any help. however my knowledge of Qt and KDE is somewhat limited.

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