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  1. Nice, will be very useful!

    What about Sublime-text way of doing this? http://www.sublimetext.com/ (main page video show it). I tried to implement this, but it was so hacky (overlay QWidget trying to render everything in a copy + proxy …) I destroyed the prototype. I wonder if kate support a nicer way of adding non “char rectangle” objects to the canvas?

    I also would like to know if there is any ressource to get into kate hacking. Over the years I tried to add a new features, but there is a lot of back and forth between the abstractions. While the code look very well designed, an overview would still be a nice addition to prevent people from gaving up too early.

    On of the other feature I tried to implement was a keyboard shortcut to highlight an arbitrary depth. Just like when you hover the code folding bar. An other was a way of telling kate to add new categories to the modifier/saved line marker to have blue corresponding to uncommited work. Not the git plugin itself, but just the mechanism to add new categories.

  2. QtCreator does just that, have a look at its code for reference. It highlights text using rounded rectangles with visible borders (i.e. not just filled with solid color, but rather “color fill + ink pen outline”, if you know what I mean.)

    To understand complex code, use KDevelop, it really helps. Vi(m) or stuff like that simply doesn’t cut it, it may work for plain (functional, spaghetti) C code (which is what people used to write back then in the days Vi(m) had been written), but for the real C++ OO applications, you need some kind of “intellisense” or “duchain”, i.e. built-in code analysis, providing browser-like source navigation.

    Get a piece of paper and write down *draw a diagram of) the code structure, the class/object relationship. Just a simple scheme, no UML or stuff like that.

    Concentrate on one task, preferrably simple and small, and dedicate yourself to implementing it. Spreading yourself over multiple tasks will do you little good.

    And practice a lot! It always takes time, whatever it is. Slash the guitarist has been spending 12 hours a day practising for years as a kid, that’s what got him where he is now. Don’t give up!

  3. wow; this dev sprint is really, really paying off in terms of beautiful and useful improvements. kudos to all who are there, and i hope you are having tons of fun! :)

    1. Yes, I’m a bit amazed myself, especially since didn’t have a concrete plan besides the annual bug squashing :p
      There are even more changes, I hope to blog about it during the next week =)

  4. Dominik, you should totally join the Oxygen team! ;-)

    Other than that, I’m thrillled by your progress. Especially stoked about the prospect of having good QML/JS integration in KDevelop…

    Your line modified patches also make sense for my use cases, as far as I can see.

    Rock on!

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