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Currently we are at the Kate/KDevelop sprint in Vienna. Christoph and me took the time to look a bit around in the net for Kate, and more or less accidently stumbled over quite a lot of extensions by our users. Here are some examples:

Kate has just about 20 plugins written in C++. And, ironically, there are more plugins for Kate written in python. This is totally awesome, but still, the Kate developers didn’t even know about it ?¿? :-o

So we started contacting these potential contributors, and also asked why they e.g. upload it in some other git repository. One time, we got the answer, that they uploaded it somewhere to share it with other users. But really, the perfect way to share additions for Kate is to put it into the Kate git repository directly. This is how open source works…

So if you make additions or changes to Kate, please let us know, create a patch and send it to review board, come to our developer sprints, come to the annual KDE conferences… Talk to us, usually we are all pretty friendly and really happy about every single contribution!

13 thoughts on “Contribute to Kate

  1. Very nice! Didn’t know there were so many plugins around!
    Especially the Python/Django plugins are very interesting to me, but I failed to build pate on Ubuntu 12.04:
    “src/pate/sip/kate/application.sip:27:25: Error: application.h: File not found”

  2. The error was about compiling Pate, not Kate.
    Does it mean I have to completely rebuild Kate from source in order to use pate in Kubuntu?

      1. fpe asked “Does it mean I have to completely rebuild Kate from source in order to use pate in Kubuntu?”
        And Dominik forced himself to repeat an unhelpful earlier comment.

        For what it’s worth, I think Dominik meant “Yes”. I’ve been trying for a couple of hours to get a compilation of Pate to work on kubuntu 12.10, and came here looking for an answer. Recompiling an editor from source just to get a plugin to work is not sane. I’m out.

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