How to remove a file with Kate

KDE has all these little nifty features, and – guess what – Kate has them, too. Here, we’ll have a look at how to delete a file with Kate. We’ll start with opening the file we want to delete. Example:

Next, we open the menu File > Open With and choose Other… as follows:

We’re almost done: Type ‘rm’ in the Open With dialog:

Now click OK to perform the action, et voila:

Now as you can see, Kate notifies you about the successful deletion. In case you change your mind, you can write it to disk again by clicking Overwrite. Reloading will tell you, that the file can indeed not be found, proving that Kate did exactly what you want. You can also ignore what you just did, which is probably the best choice. Don’t tell anyone :-)

PS: This tip comes from the KDevelop developers. So all Kudos and Cake go to them!
PPS: We are working hard at the Kate/KDevelop sprint in Vienna to provide the best tools for our users!

6 thoughts on “How to remove a file with Kate

  1. Another way to remove a file with Kate: Go to View->Tool Views->Show Terminal. From there you can do all kinds of interesting stuff…

  2. Absolutely awesome. I use Kate for managing lots of files in elaborate directory structures. And I don’t clean up files I don’t need anymore because it is too much work to find them… This is far easier :D

    So, super tip. Thanks!

  3. Even simpler:
    1. Ctrl+O or Open to get to the file selection dialog (which open the directory in which the file is located)
    2. Delete the file with Del, Shift+Del or with the usual contextual menu

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