Data Recovery in 4.10

Recently I’ve blogged about the usage of KMessageWidget in the data recovery process in Kate Part. Finally, we decided to stick with KMessageWidget, since it is a standard kdelibs widget, used by a lot of KDE applications. Besides, it is visually appealing and attracts the user’s attention. In KDE SC 4.10, it will look like this:

Now if you recover the data, it may happen that the swap file is broken, e.g. because it was accidently manipulated for whatever reason. Then you get notified like this:

Besides that, we are currently at our Kate/KDevelop meeting in Vienna. Lots of exciting stuff is happening, so expect more in the next days :-)

6 thoughts on “Data Recovery in 4.10

  1. At least for small data, kate could check if the data can be recovered before asking what to do. I always think it is frustrating if you have to decide something and it does not matter at all shortly after.

  2. Perhaps it’s just the image, but I’d say the icon for the “View Changes” option can’t be seen all that clearly, it looks partially cut or shrunk. It also may not suggest “View Changes” to a majority of the users (those that aren’t familiar with control version systems, branching and so on). Perhaps a different one could be used? An eye, maybe, as it’s quite universally recognised as something that is used to “view” things.

  3. I suggest a usability correction. Check first whether the swap file is in a good state, and then, only if the file can be recovered from the swap file, notify the user with the recover data dialog.
    This way you gain two things:
    1. You don’t need anymore the last dialog.
    2. You don’t need to bother the user for something that can’t be done because the swap file is damaged.

    1. I indeed changed it that way: if the md5sum doesn’t fit, we’ll discard the file immediately due to corruption. So the 2nd diealog is never shown, I guess I can remove it then…

  4. Just read that read-only files now get a [read only] appendix to the title bar.
    What about adding a MessageWidget for these kinds of notifications as well? So we get an info bar “This document is opened in read-only mode because it contains lines longer than 5000 characters [Disable read-only mode] [X]”, I always found the read-only mode very non-discoverable and also often the reason for it to be read-only not obvious. A messagewidget like this would also get rid of the modal info box that pops up when opening such a file. :-)

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