Kate/KDevelop Sprint in Vienna

In some days our nice sprint will start, more information can be found on KDE Sprints.

I am very happy that Joseph Wenninger organizes this event and the KDE e.V. aided with additional sponsorship! Sprints are a real important thing for all KDE projects and it is nice to see that thanks to the help of the community our e.V. is able to sponsor a lot of such events.

I will head over to Vienna on Tuesday, lets see what happens during the week ;)

4 thoughts on “Kate/KDevelop Sprint in Vienna

  1. Make proper code style switching support, to make it possible to switch coding styles faster (for example, tabs -> two spaces -> four spaces), that’ll help a lot for working at many different projects simultaneously.

  2. lamefun’s commet about coding styles is a good one! But please don’t forget that “tabs” are for logical formatting and “spaces” for cosmetical. I remember that once kate did format new code lines as I do it manually. But somehow this functionality is now hidden too deep in the settings for me ;-)

    Just a small example as kdevelop could format C-code:

    [TAB] [TAB] printf( “This is a multiline”
    [TAB] [TAB] [8 spaces] “comment.\n” );

    Thank you for your really great work, gals and guys!

  3. I actually wanted to implement code style switching myself, but then, Kate needs to know which style to apply to which file which would require project support. Also it needs a proper integration with KDevelop that might know more information got from parsing sources to format the source more correctly. I think you experienced developers know how to implement it right.

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