Some Kate Color Schemas

As already mentioned, Kate Part much better chooses colors from the default KDE color palette configured in System Settings in upcoming KDE SC 4.9. As teaser, here are some examples – hope you like it.

Default “Oxygen” Color Schema

Default “Obsidian Coast” Color Schema 

Dark “Vim” Color Schema

Note: The yellow search background comes from the “Highlight Selection” plugin, which is still a hard-coded yellow. Kate Part’s “Search & Replace”chooses more fitting highlight colors for matching and replaced text.

20 thoughts on “Some Kate Color Schemas

  1. I very much like this. I am tired of changing my kate colors each time I change the default KDE color palette. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much!!!

  2. That color scheme is very nice indeed. :)

    Kate really needs better default color schemes. The white oxygen scheme is blinding to my eyes.

    1. These are not predefined options. The first two are given if you choose the KDE Color scheme accordingly. And the 3rd one was manually make by myself. But it’s not officially shipped with KDE 4.9. Sorry, if I did not make that clear :-)

    1. When adding a new color scheme with “New…”, all colors are taken from KDE’s current color scheme. However, if you now switch KDE’s color scheme, the colors in the “Colors” tab adapt, but the colors of the text styles in “Normal Text Styles” and “Highlighting Text Styles” will not automatically adapt. This requires another major change in the code.

      Still, by creating a new one, you get a nice KDE-integrated scheme. So at least we have a workaround…

    1. As I said, predefined color schemas are not included. You have to create a new one and modify the colors. But that’s a matter of a few minutes. Not optimal, but you should get what you want. ;)

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