9 thoughts on “Yet another update for the Colors tab

  1. Wow! That’s an improvement! As a kate user, thanks. Just a thought: would it be better to have the “Use KDE Color Scheme” option in Schema instead of that (lonely) button? It could even be the default option in Schema.

  2. Nice improvements!

    BTW. I created little script that will convert Textmate files to Kate-ones.

    Sources are on Github for now: https://github.com/kkszysiu/textmate2kate
    It’s still need a lot of polishing and user-interaction for example for different languages (Python’s exceptions are handled differently for example) but it could generate pretty skeleton for your future work (if you want to work on your own kate-theme) :)

    1. Since there are several new configurable colors for KDE 4.9, it might be interesting to you to support
      – “Color Search Highlight”
      – “Color Replace Highlight”
      – “Color Modified Lines”
      – “Color Saved Lines”

  3. We all very much appreciate your work but there is major issue with kde development: there is no GUI team, every developer is doing what he thinks is the best and users are getting inconsistency, this is big thing and I think we should do something about it as developers should develop code and not be concerned about look of application – let’s face it you’re developer not designer – why there is so much white empty space on right side?

    Is this going to be system wide standardized color tab? Or as usual kde applications will differ in gui fundamental things – because there is no gui guidance to follow?

    1. What you say is certainly true to some degree. On the other hand, I also disagree: Just because I’m a developer doesn’t exclude being designer. I don’t call me “designer” myself, true. But let’s face it: In free software and open source software, you as developer usually *are* the designer at the same time, since you decide how to implement it.

      Now you usually should use default control elements (buttons, line edits, list views etc.), and this is also what happened here: It’s a listview. But granted, the visual appearance is the one from System Settings. And no other application looks like that – and that’s inconsistent. I 100% agree.

      Now I could blog about it, ask on forums, chat on IRC and mail the guys who call themselves official “the designers”. The flaw with this is: It doesn’t work this way. I’d loose a lot of time asking other people. And the you’d still get different answers. And another important fact: I (and I daresay many more developers) simply do not like being told how to implement things.

      Your comment helps in the sense that you make us aware of this inconsistency. But you will have to live with it, one way or another.

  4. Now that looks rather pretty — compared to the previous version anyways! Were there already thoughs about a preview
    functionality in the spirit of the first half of Bret Victor’s talk “Inventing on Principle”?

    It made be realize, that the biggest reason preventing me from making my own color scheme was the tedious iteration
    cycle of (1) modifying a single colour, (2) applying the colorscheme (3) look at the result in the actual source code (4) open
    the settings dialog and reiterate. And as putting so much work only for relatively little gain is pointless, i kept to the defaults
    and waited for someone else to come up with a scheme I like.

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