Qt open governance will go live!

Finally some sustainable announcements about the future of Qt and its open governance project:



I hope this will be well received and we will see yet another increase in contributions to our Qt/KDE ecosystem ;)

Thanks for all the effort to all people who made this possible!

Code Folding Updates

Christoph and me cleaned up the visualization of the code folding for KDE 4.8 a bit. In the snapshot, the left image shows the old behavior, and the right one shows the new behavior. The background highlighting appears as soon as you hover over the code folding bar. We hope you like it :) Mockups of how to make it even better are welcome, of course! You can try it by building Kate yourself, if you want.
Kate Code folding

Line Modification System

Some days ago, Dominik implemented a line modification system in the KatePart.
For all who don’t know what that means at all (like me before the DS 2011), here some screenshots.

First, starting with a fresh loaded file:

Now, lets write some lines:

Next, after saving:

Now, lets change some stuff again:

Awesome :)

First I thought: Why to hell do I need such a feature? But after using it some days now, I think it is really VERY useful.

Yesterday I worked in parallel on code that generates integer linear programs as CPLEX files and read the output files (which are > 100000 lines) to find regressions.
I had to manually tweak the ILP files a bit to reveal the reason of my issues and it was just cool to exactly know even after save, which lines in the ILP I touched.
Normally I would have written some comments like \changed… above my modified lines in the output files, but yeah, KatePart does track such stuff now automatically ;)

Even for the much less big source files, it was nice to see:
Oh, I just tweaked that few C++ lines and it did remove the issue, maybe I should look at the lines below/above of that lines, too, for more possible problems?

Therefor: Thanks to Dominik for this nifty feature, I hope others appreciate it, too!

If you want this feature now: Use the guide at kate-editor.org’s Get It!.

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