GSoC’s ending

Soon the GSoC projects of this year are over again.

I would like to thank our two students Adrian Lungu and Svyatoslav Kuzmich for their work!

They both did a nice job and improved both the code folding and the vi mode a lot.

Thanks to them and I hope they stick around in our project, more help is always welcome ;)

And thanks to Google for sponsoring their efforts.

3 thoughts on “GSoC’s ending

    1. Nothing, as we had not enough free slots for Kate to accept this proposal, beside it is for me not clear if elastic tab stops have any sense given nearly everybody cooperates with others which use different editors/IDEs which don’t have such a feature.

      1. what…?
        i was so excited that the greatest thing which could happen to text editors finally gets into the greatest of all text editors.

        i’m totally disappointed right now.

        getting this into kate would revolutionize the way i write code and be a step into acceptance of this method. try reading the idea before giving dismissive 1-argument answers next time, please.

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