Kate needs a Face, Artists wanted

Kate’s icon is quiet nice, but for our website and other stuff, it would be really cool to have some eye catcher and something to know: yeah, that is Kate :)

As Kate is obviously a woman, at least in most languages, it would be quiet nice if some artist could come up with a painted or rendered one to put on our page.

Perhaps something Sintel like, at least she played with dragons (hope poor Konqui got not killed, too) and I guess a mascot like here won’t scare of either men or women.

And no, we don’t want here any men’s dream images or sexist stuff like that, just something that looks cute. If you want to help with this, just drop a mail to either me or the kwrite-devel list. Be aware, it must be original work and it should be licensed under something like the CC license.

If nothing arrives for us, perhaps I really need to bug the Blender foundation to use their stuff for the website. Better eye catcher than my normally used insect of the day ;)

15 thoughts on “Kate needs a Face, Artists wanted

  1. Oh well, pictures of girls are men’s dreams and sexist stuff … and men who watch Anime are pedophiles, right?

    I hope you are not planning to use a boy as icon … or an animal or anything else you can find some people with a fetish for with.

    1. I think he was just putting that out there pre-emptively so that A) nobody would submit such things and B) nobody would raise concerns about such things being considered. It’s best to be clear.

  2. Why? I rather like imagining my own Kate… having an official face for her seems so pretentious and unnecessary.

  3. Cute? Nah, how about kick-ass? I picture Kate wielding her keyboard as effectively as a ninja wields his katana :-)

  4. Absolutely not.

    A face. A female face. A face means a person (or falling down the uncanny valley). An editor deals with typed characters, not with human characters. It has no characteristic that has anything to do with the human form.

    This is my editor, this is my gun.
    This is for non-gender, non-person-character related writing this is for gender-related things.

  5. I’d like to submit


    Kate, half dragon space assassin.

    If accepted it will be released under CC by SA 3.0 and or GPL 3+ depending on your preference. there are a variety of alternate renderings for banners and close ups. The original of this image is 5000 x 7000 px and can be cropped for wallpapers,

  6. Video Killed the Radio Star:

    Personally, I think it would be a bad idea to put a mythical face to such a great text editor as Kate.

    Host Plus, a super fund company I’m in, thought it a great idea to make up such human style mascots for themselves. The mascots were thought up, created, and introduced; and promptly dropped upon realising it was not such a good idea.

    At times it would be better leaving the imagining to the listeners, and not include a video with every great song. You write wonderful music through your code, you have no need for such incidentals. If fact, as with Host Plus, putting a face to KDE Advanced Text Editor could actually harm the image of Kate.

    * Just my personal opinion.
    ** No letters were harmed in the typing of this rant, though some words were badly cut.

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