200 Bugs only ;)

Kate (App + Part + KWrite) is down to 200 bugs, thanks a lot to all people helping with this effort, e.g. Dominik, Erlend, Adrian, …

Perhaps others want to join, we have still a lot bugs and many are quiet some work (and stuff like BiDi errors are not that nice to fix, if you have actually no clue about the used languages :/)

19 thoughts on “200 Bugs only ;)

  1. One should mention, that we were previously at about 430 bugs. And we got our wish list down from about 620 to 500.
    That is, we closed and fixed about 350 bugs. This is quite a success :-)

        1. I’m from the U.S., and I’ve had zero issues contributing to Kate. I even work in docs, where language/international issues would be most prominent!

          In fact, people from many different countries contribute to KDE. They have cool maps over at Commit Digest showing which countries the most contributions came from each week:

        2. Why is KDE only focusing on German people?
          Even in Kate, we have a lot non-german contributors: Erlend, Kåre, T.C. Hollingsworth, our GSoC students: Adrian, Svyatoslav, Diana.
          That excuse doesn’t fit, really! We are no germans only club or whatever. Only that the KDE project got started by a german doesn’t make it exclusive.

          1. that’s why MORE THAN 60% of all KDE desktop meetings are in Germany. And those are FACTS.
            I don’t find it normal that for a worldwide procjet, all meetings are held in Germany. As they think that all developers can afford a trip to germany.
            Look at dot.kde.org, if there is an interview with somebody, you can bet that it will be with a German.
            So, now you can explain everybody how you can’t call that a German club.

            No wonder that everybody is leaving the KDE ship , isn’t it.

          2. The meeting is there, were a team is ready to help us with it.

            And yes, sometimes that is in Germany, thought last year it was in Tampere, before on the canaries, then before in Dublin, Glasgow, Malaga,…

            And for the US, there is even an extra event, Camp KDE.

            Beside, if you are a contributor, the KDE e.V. might even sponsor your travel costs, which it does for a lot of people.

            And no, I don’t think everybody is leaving KDE (And especially not because it is a german club…).

    1. You show me a project with 0 bugs and I’ll show you a project that desperately needs some QA. ;-)

    1. Or at least i want some kind of error message.
      As it is now, it quietly refuses to choose utf-8 for that file, without any explanation.

      This happens only if encoding auto-detection is turned on.

      1. Yeah, thats all right. We just have had no time to implement a warning. A modal dialog is bad, something like the swap file recovery inline warning dialogbar would be nice. If you have time, start helping ;)

  2. Fixing bugs, might ends with creating other bugs too.
    There is nothing perfect in this world.

    If you end with 0 bugs, that will be the end of the world.

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